Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Love Tips - Could you Marry for Money – Dating Dilemma

Could you marry for money? Dating profiles rarely say I want to marry for money and yet we know there are people looking for a certain lifestyle, which requires money, rather than a special relationship.

What is wrong with saying I want a partner that can provide a certain standard of living? It wouldn’t suit me because I am a romantic and need an emotional connection but not everyone is the same.

Marrying for money is no longer a taboo subject, there is an interesting discussion on ivillage about it. There are even dating sites that cater for people with money and those looking for someone with money. It seems a little mercenary but throughout human life people have married for money.

The first millionaire dating site I came across on google was Seeking Millionaire which I found hilarious as they advertise as free dating (one has to wonder why a millionaire would require free dating services). I also found their home page content a little nauseating, it states “100% FREE for attractive singles” which rather suggests they vote on whether you are good looking enough to get a free service or are too ugly and need to pay. Whatever floats your boat. There are so many of these dating sites now I do wonder how many are full of people looking for a rich partner but no actual rich members – I shall leave it to you to find out and tell me.

If you are one of those people that would say they are just prostituting themselves then I would ask you, would you marry someone without a home or job or any prospects of getting either? Maybe you would if they were your special someone but wouldn’t you ever ask yourself if they married you for the lifestyle you offered them?

Certainly in the UK these relationships have always been perceived in certain ways. There is the young beautiful dolly bird married to the older rich guy or the gorgeous jigalo married to the older woman and we usually shake our heads in disbelief and say such things as “surely they must know they wouldn’t be interested if he/she didn’t have money”.

Of course they know this and they are perfectly happy with the situation. You may be looking for that special someone, your soul mate, your one true love but quite frankly they aren’t. Perhaps they have given up looking, maybe they simply aren’t that interested in romance and are content with a marriage that suits their needs.

This is the wonderful thing about human life, we are all different, we all want different things and there really is someone to suit everyone. To you it may seem cold and shallow to say “I’m rich and want a gorgeous partner to make me feel good about myself” or “I’m gorgeous and looking for a rich partner that I can make feel special”.

The fat old bald guy married to the young model with big boobs isn’t looking for interesting conversation and someone to share his worries with, he may be a workaholic and prefer someone that will be out shopping all day so he doesn’t have to give them a second thought. Is it shallow, yes of course but all relationships are built on compromise and for them they each get what they feel they need from a relationship.

What you must do though is ask yourself have you got what the other person wants. If you are loaded then the answer is yes. Though if you are the one looking for a partner with money you must be realistic, they usually look for one thing and that is pure physical beauty and unless you have it then best forget your dreams of yachting in St Tropez and buying diamonds at Tiffany’s.

It’s certainly not cup of tea but if it’s yours a google search for book how to marry the rich brings back 1088 results, so someone must be doing it.

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