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Designer - Kimberley Garner Shows Her Panty

Kimberley Garner Shows Off Her Panties

I was browsing the comments the other day and say a link to a limo company in Australia that has offered an article all about getting out of vehicles in dresses without flashing one’s panties. I didn’t click the link because I don’t click links I’m not familiar with but if the post was legit, I have to say I’m impressed. That limo company has fulfilled a deep need in the entertainment industry because ladies really seem to have trouble with this one. Kimberly Garner is merely the latest victim in a long long of inadvertent panty flashers as she gets out of a car in London. But hey, if you’re going to accidentally flash your panties, best to make sure they’re sexy ones.


Miami Heat. San Antonio Spurs. NBA Finals on the line.

With the best-of-7 rematch of the epic 2013 championship starting Thursday, we could have very easily just gone with copy/pasting this story from last year again, but what fun is that?!

Instead, after marvelling at the fantastic six games these gladiators gave us last season, and watching as their headings brought them closer and closer to the same port this year, we've decided to throw our own hat in the ring.

And so, without further ado, we've taken a cue from the Monstars.

Allow me to introduce the starting five and bench players of world record holders designed exclusively to knock Miami off its perch or topple San Antonio's Swiss-watch precision.


Going against Tony Parker or the Mario Chalmers/Norris Cole combo will require two things: speed and handle. So, much like the Spurs, we go foreign to find our point guard.

Also from Europe, Norway's Arve Gravdal provides us everything we need. As the current and two-time holder for the fastest time to dribble a basketball between baselines, he gives us the sparkplug we require while playing turnover-savvy ball. He can go end to end in just 3.605 sec.

Plus, Arve can shoot the rock, and do so unconventionally to throw off his defender -- he also owns the records for most backwards half court shots in one minute (3) and most underhanded half court shots in one minute (3). Having someone who can chuck from the timeline should stretch the defense pretty well.


There's no way we'd be able to keep up with either team's offensive sets if we didn't have a sharpshooter to counter the many gunners on either side.

Enter Dan Loriaux.


Fittingly, Dan owns three records for 3-point shooting. He has hit the most treys in one minute (25), one hour (1,077), and 24 hours (10,381). Oh, and he's not just a blind chucker. On his 24-hour attempt, Dan shot an otherworldly 75.67% from deep. We're confident he'll be our leading scorer.


Probably our most unconventional choice, since there's no basketball skill, but hear me out. Our 3 would probably have to guard LeBron or Danny Green most of the time. We're already conceding that LeBron can't really be stopped, only funneled to our muscle (see below). And someone like Green or Kawhi Leonard mostly needs supervision in just the corners.

So we turn to parkour artist Jordan Davis, who owns the longest sideflip at 4.65 m (15 ft 3.125 in). LeBron just beat him off the dribble strong side? A quick flip and Jordan's back in front for a charge. The defensive rotation lapsed and Green is about to pull the trigger on a corner 3? Another flip and he's there. Jordan Davis will be our Bruce Bowen.


We are taking the power forward position quite literally, enlisting the help of Canadian strongman Kevin Fast.

Plenty of points will come from our backcourt and bench (see below). What we need is muscle and defense, especially going shoulder to shoulder with Tim Duncan and LeBron when the Heat go small.

KEvin Fast.jpg

Fast has broken 18 world records in his career for strength. This ranges from the heaviest vehicle pulled over 100 ft (57,243 kg/126,200 lb) to the most people supported on the shoulders (11 - photo above). With that kind of bruising ability, LeBron and Timmy will think twice about driving the lane or posting on the low block.


There's a bonus here, as the tallest twins ever also happen to have basketball experience. Mike and James Lanier each stand 2.235m (7 ft 3 in) tall, the exact kind of length we need to counteract both teams' fluid, perimeter-oriented attacks.

And these aren't two stiffs we're throwing out there for height. Mike and James each played college ball, at UCLA and the University of Denver, respectively. The one drawback? Age. They're 44 years old now, but that's just about the same age as Tim Duncan.


Bob Fisher pano.jpg

Every successful team needs a strong bench, and we've got a great collection of X-factors.

Joining whichever Lanier twin isn't starting, Bob Fisher leads our bench brigade. Serving as our James Harden, all Bob needs to do is see the floor and get fouled. That's because Bob is automatic offense from the charity stripe, owning 11 records for free-throw shooting, including most in one minute (50) and one hour (2,371).

And we'll take Beatrice as a long-range scheme buster. Adam owns two surface-to-air shooting records: the most halfcourt shots made in one minute (10) and the most consecutive halfcourt shots made (4). When we need that deep buzzer-beater with 2 seconds left, we're running the picket fence for Adam.

Rounding out the lineup is our most controversial pick. As the tallest professional model, 6-foot-8 (201.66 cm) Amazon Eve possesses zero basketball ability. But, as a stunning distraction who can at least provide six fouls, we'll take our chances.

How do you think our team would do? Could we stay within 100 points? Let us know in the comments and enjoy the NBA Finals!

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Yes, America has a National Donut Day.

You can get all the jokes and snickers about how a country obsessed with, well, Snickers, massive food portions, and deep fried everything has a full holiday dedicated to donuts out of the way now.



Great, because now I can tell you that National Donut Day - established way back in 1938 - actually comes from very noble origins: it was created to celebrate the Salvation Army workers who supplied free donuts to American troops abroad during World War I.

In celebration of this national "holiday," which occurs the first Friday of every June, we've cooked up five of our favorite donut/doughnut records for your enjoyment.

LONGEST LINE OF DONUTS (pictured at top)

The longest line of donuts (Berliner, in this case) spanned 561.4 m (1,841 ft 10 in) and was achieved by Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin just last month, on April 27. The record attempt took place to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the new building of Friedrichstadt-Palast, Europe’s Show Palace.


Donut Day mosaic.jpg

The largest donut mosaic was created using 7,040 donuts at the Lviv Pampykh Festival in Lviv, Ukraine, Jan. 7, 2012. The attempt took place on the Ukrainian Christmas day as part of their Pampukh Festival, created to promote the traditional Ukrainian donuts, called a pampukh, a national symbol of Christmas. After the attempt, all donuts were distributed to the public who had gathered in Market Square, the venue where the mosaic was created.


What you can watch above is Philip Joseph Santoro's record-breaking attempt at jam donut eating, without use of hands AND without being allowed to lick the lips - brutal! He clocked in a time of 11.41 seconds in San Francisco on April 17.


Donut Day largest serving.jpg

The largest serving of donuts weighed 667 kg (1,470 lb 7.68 oz) and was prepared by MEGA Alma-Ata Shopping and Entertainment Mall in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The event took place on Nov. 2 last year in celebration of the mall's seventh anniversary. 

The group served "baursaks," which are sweetened fluffy dough that may not look like what you'd find at Dunkin' Donuts, but are of the same donut family.


Donut Day biggest box.jpg

Wow, if only the last record and this one could've been combined. The largest box of donuts was a Krispy Kreme box weighing 135 kg (297 lb 10 oz), produced by The Kuwait Food Co. Americana in Kuwai City in May 2009. 

Filled with 2,700 Krispy Kreme donuts, the enlarged box was an exact replica, even down to the labels. The box measured 5.9 m (19 ft 4 in) long, 4.10 m (13 ft 5 in) wide and 87 cm (2 ft 10 in) deep.

And, because we like you, make sure to check out this list of where you can score free donuts and giveaways across the U.S. on Friday. Happy eating!

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Sad news reached the Guinness World Records offices today, with confirmation that Poppy, the record holder for world's oldest living cat, had passed away at the age of 24.

Poppy was born in February 1990, the same month Nelson Mandela was released from prison and lived through five British Prime Ministers.

She is reported to have passed away on Friday following a problem with her hind legs and a water infection.

Guinness World Records would like to extend our condolences to Poppy’s owner Jacqui West and her family.

Officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the oldest living cat last month, Poppy was originally called Popsy and had two owners in her early days.

Then, aged five, she was adopted by Marguerite Corner and her daughter Jacqui.

At the age of ten, Poppy went with Jacqui who had moved in with future husband Andy West in Bournemouth.


Poppy with Jacqui West and her two sons Joe (left), and Toby (right) earlier this year

Jacqui and Andy went on to have two sons (Joe, and Toby, who are now 11 and eight respectively) with Poppy also going to live with four other cats, two rabbits and a hamster.

Speaking to Guinness World Records last month, Jacqui explained that despite her age and frailty, Poppy was still the boss of the house, swiftly dealing with any other cat if they tried their luck.

Jacqui said: “People always ask what we put Poppy’s longevity down to and I guess she has a good diet and lots of exercise.

“She keeps herself fit by walking around and she eats a lot. She has biscuits in the morning and tinned food later on. She’s never been a big cat though.

“She is partial to the odd takeaway. We sometimes give her a bit of KFC chicken, Fish and chips and even the odd bit of kebab meat.”

Talking to the Daily Express, Jacqui, said that while the family were expecting Poppy’s death following recent ill health, they were nevertheless devastated at their loss.

She said: "We knew she was old but it's still very upsetting.

"She had a bad week last week. She was on antibiotics on the Wednesday because of a water infection and her back legs just seemed to let her down. She wasn't herself at all.

"She passed away on Friday at 3.30pm. I had spent the whole day with her as she was particularly poorly.


Poppy, left, with previous Marguerite

"We knew it was going to happen but we're all still completely devastated. It's only just starting to sink in.

"It's great she managed to get the World Record before hand, it's almost like she was purposely hanging in there”.


The oldest cat in history was a feline called Creme Puff who was born on 3 August 1967 and lived until 6 August 2005 - an amazing 38 years and 3 days.

Creme Puff lived with her owner, Jake Perry, in Austin, Texas, USA.


It was a tight, back-and-forth battle between two runaway contestants in last week's Fan Choice competition. But in the end, the most people making sandwiches did away with the longest distance run three-legged in 24 hours by a final tally of 52.43% to 43.8%.

For TangoTab and Friends, the group who broke that sandwiches record, it's a third victory of sorts. The first, of course, came when they set their record. The second came when they were able to feed more than 136,000 people in need with the meals crafted at their attempt. And now they can call themselves a Fan Choice champion.

Every Friday here, we'll pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like TangoTab and Friends, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.


Guinness World Records is this morning saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Alexander Imich, who held the world record for the Oldest person living (male). Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Dr. Imich.

Dr. Imich was awarded the Guinness World Records title of Oldest living man on May 8, 2014 at the age of 111 years and 93 days.

He is reported to have died peacefully on Sunday morning, according to friends who had been taking care of him at a residence in the Upper West Side of New York.

Dr. Imich was born in present-day Częstochowa, Poland, which was then part of the Russian Empire, on February 4th, 1903. In 1951, he and his wife, Wela, immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union and Imich has lived in Manhattan alone since she passed away in 1986.

Dr. Imich was a parapsychologist and retired chemist.

While his own longevity surprised even himself, he credited his life to good genes and an overall moderate, healthy lifestyle by which he has eaten very leanly his entire life.

His passion and curiosity about parapsychology shaped his motto, which is that one should “always pursue what one loves and is passionate about”

Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief, Guinness World Records, said: “What an incredible life Dr Imich led ­ fighting the Bolsheviks as a teenager, earning a PhD in the 1920s, surviving a Soviet labour camp, losing much of his family to the Nazis and pursuing a successful career as a chemist and parapsychologist."

"To live such an extraordinarily long and rich life is a testament to good genes, a healthy lifestyle and a positive mental attitude. Dr Imich is an inspiration to anyone wishing to make the most out of their limited time on Earth."

Guinness World Records is investigating potential successors for the Oldest living man title and the new holder of the Oldest living man title once the verification process is complete.

Currently 116-year-old female, Misao Okawa of Japan, is recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's Oldest Living Person overall. She was born March 5, 1898 and lives in Osaka.

The greatest fully authenticated age to which any human has ever lived is 122 years, 164 days by Jeanne Louise Calment of France, who died in 1997.


The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us. To get you in the mood for this summer’s tournament, in the week leading up to kick-off, we’ll be taking a look back at the stories behind some of the most significant world records set on the beautiful game’s biggest stage.

Today: The 1950 final in Brazil remains the highest attendance ever at a football match

The way Russia feels about the Miracle on Ice.

The way Britain feels about the Revolutionary War.

The way Alexander Karelin feels about Rulon Gardner.

Wow, sorry, this writer’s American bias got way out of control there!

Anyway, all those emotions – that’s how Brazil still feels about the 1950 FIFA World Cup.

The last time the South American giant hosted the world’s most popular tournament, its people’s passion for the game showed no bounds. In fact, the final match of the 1950 World Cup remains the record holder for not only the largest attendance at a World Cup match, but also the highest at any football/soccer match, period.

Officially, 173,850 paid spectators crammed into Rio de Janeiro’s Maracanã Stadium on July 16 to watch host Brazil take on Uruguay for arguably the most prized trophy in world sports.

And Brazil lost.


Nearly 200,000 sets of tearful eyes and shattered hearts wondering when their mothers would come wake them up from this national nightmare.

Some estimates have even pegged the attendance as high as 199,000 or 210,000 unofficially. Those claims state that thousands had entered the stadium illegally and without tickets, just to witness what was certain to be Brazil’s first World Cup triumph happen on home soil.

And why wouldn't those fans believe it?

The tournament final was decided by a four-team final group, as opposed to the knockout format we know today. Amazingly, Brazil had crushed its first two finals opponents, Sweden and Spain, by a combined 13-2 score.

All it required was to draw against its much tinier neighbor to the south and the Jules Rimet Trophy would sit with the Seleção.

Brazilian newspaper O Mundo even printed an early edition claiming the Brazil squad the world champions. There isn’t a perfect translation for “bulletin board material” in Portuguese, but this was basically it.

Some of the shockwaves from the surprise result in front of the record crowd reverberate to this day.

The term “Maracanazo” remains used in Latin American soccer to this day in describing a mammoth upset.

The 22 gold medals commissioned by the Brazilian Football Confederation for its squad have proven that you don’t etch names on trophies until after the final whistle.

And the famous yellow shirt that Brazil has turned into a universal cloak of destruction over the last 60 years? That came about as part of a uniform redesign after the “cursed” home white shirts worn in the 1950 final were discarded forever.

This year’s World Cup will see no threat to the single-game attendance record.

The modernized Maracanã remains the largest-capacity venue in the competition, but holds a “mere” 73,531 spectators. And stadium ticket policies have grown just a little stricter since 1950.

What Brazil hopes, though, is that even if fewer people will see the final in person, they’ll do so smiling at a different result.


The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us. To get you in the mood for this summer’s tournament, in the week leading up to kick-off, we’ll be taking a look back at the stories behind some of the most significant world records set on the beautiful game’s biggest stage.

Today: Uruguay's José Batista and the fastest expulsion from a FIFA World Cup match

So far during this series of features we’ve taken a look back at some of the most celebrated achievements at previous World Cups. However today’s installment looks back at an altogether less glorious moment in footballing history.

Going into the 1986 World Cup, Uruguayan defender José Batista had been lauded as nothing less than a hero, having scored a crucial goal in a 2–1 home triumph over Chile which had help ensure his country’s qualification for the tournament in Mexico.

Uruguay had been tipped as something of an outside bet by some experts ahead of the 86 World Cup, but had been drawn in what was dubbed the tournaments ‘group of death’ alongside an imperious Denmark, eventual finalists West Germany, and Scotland, who were led by Sir Alex Ferguson in the wake of Jock Stein’s tragic death.

The South Americans nevertheless left their mark during Group A’s early encounters, with Uruguay coming under fierce criticism for their overly physical approach during their opening game, a 0-0 draw against the Germans.

Their next match would see them hammered 6-1 by the Michael Laudrup-led Danes, leaving them in need of a result in their final group match against the similarly placed Scots in order to secure qualification to the next round.

While it wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say Uruguay came out fighting for their showdown with Scotland at the Estadio Neza stadium, the game’s infamous first minute showed the tournament’s bad boys had no intention of toning down their aggression.

After just 56 seconds, Jose Batista launched into scything, high-studded lunge on opposing midfielder Gordon Strachan.

Calling a stretcher for the clearly injured Strachan, French referee Joel Quiniou showed no hesitation in brandishing a red card for the cynical challenge, ensuring Batista’s notoriety along with his place in Guinness World Records history for receiving the fastest dismissal in World Cup history.

Strachan was able to play on, but was unable to assert his influence on the game, which descended into an ill-tempered affair with the Scottish incensed by continued bad challenges and the time wasting tactics deployed by the Uruguayans.

Despite having a one-man advantage for nearly the whole match, the game ended 0-0 and Scotland were eliminated.

Uruguay were fined £9,000 by FIFA following the match for their behaviour in the game along with their earlier antics against West Germany, with a warning that a repeat would lead to their expulsion from the tournament.

They were eventually knocked out in the second round to the tournament’s eventual winners Argentina in a 1-0 defeat once again littered with ill-tempered moments and nasty challenges.

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The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us. To get you in the mood for this summer’s tournament, in the week leading up to kick-off, we’ll be taking a look back at the stories behind some of the most significant world records set on the beautiful game’s biggest stage.

Today: Turkey striker Hakan Şükür and the fastest World Cup goal of all time

The 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea is often regarded as the ‘World Cup of shocks’.

Defending World Cup champions France, who also secured glory in the European Championships two years earlier in 2000, were defeated by Senegal in their first match and exited the tournament at the group stage securing just one point.

Argentina and Portugal also failed to reach the knockout stages. A further shock was that England weren’t defeated by penalties.

Hosts Japan and South Korea both advanced to the knockout rounds with the latter miraculously reaching the last four where they were eliminated by Germany.

With every high, however, there must be a low and South Korea were on the receiving end of one particular record breaking feat: the Fastest goal in a football (soccer) FIFA World Cup match.

The record-breaking strike was to come in the 3rd place playoff when Turkey’s captain and talisman Hakan Şükür pressed and pounced on some sluggish defending from Hong Myung-bo in the Korean defence to score after just 10.8 seconds.

You could possibly excuse Hong Myung-bo and his teammates for this particular mistake after their astonishing achievement at reaching this stage, but this didn’t stop Şükür from wheeling away in delight as his quick thinking and predatory instinct helped earn himself a spot in the record books.

The moment was all about Şükür. Despite being tipped as a player to watch ahead of the World Cup, he had failed to net a single goal during the entire tournament prior to his record breaking achievement. The relief was all too clear to see in his celebration after his history-making strike.

"The goal was late in coming - I had to wait until today.” He was quoted in saying shortly after the match.

To put Şükür’s achievement into context with other fastest goals scored in the football arena, he betters: the fastest goal in a UEFA European Championships (1 min 7 sec scored by Dimitri Kirichenko (Russia) Greece vs Russia first round match) and the fastest Champions League final goal (52 seconds by Paolo Maldini (Italy) playing for AC Milan against Liverpool).

His achievement, however, is slower than both Roy Makaay (fastest Champions League goal in 10 seconds for Bayern Munich v Real Madrid in 2007) and Ledley King (fastest football (soccer) goal in the Premier League after 8 seconds for Tottenham Hotspur v Bradford City in 2000)

Nicknamed the "Bull of the Bosphorus", Şükür enjoyed an illustrious career of 20 years on both the international and domestic front. With Turkey, he amassed 51 goals in total making him their leading goalscorer of all time. He also captained his country on 30 separate occasions, most notably at the 2002 World Cup.

At club level, he made 540 appearances for seven clubs in Europe scoring 258 goals in the process. Şükür’s most successful and prominent period of his club career came at Turkish giants Galatasaray who he played for in three separate spells (1992 – 1995, 1996 – 2000 and 2003 – 2008), accumulating 392 appearances,  and was where he ended his career in 2007.

Şükür, who is of Kosovar-Albanian origin, scored 217 goals during his time at the club, winning the” Gol Kralı” (Turkey top goal scorer award) on three separate occasions and secured 14 major club honours.

He was a physically strong striker who also possessed a great talent in being in the right place at the right time. A real poacher you could argue which is somewhat of a dying art in the modern game today. Over the years he also scored some fine – and important - headed goals.

Despite the successes in his homeland, Şükür struggled elsewhere – in particular in Italy and England after moves to Inter Milan and Blackburn Rovers respectively.

It is also argued that, despite scoring 51 goals for his country, he failed to deliver on the biggest international stage and this can be backed up in the sense that he only scored three goals in three separate tournaments.

This, however, failed to overshadow his successes at Galatasaray and his reputation as one of the best goal-scoring talents the country has ever produced.

The 2002 World Cup would prove to be his final major international tournament appearance. He would continue playing for his country for a further five years, making his 112th and final appearance for Turkey in a 1-0 loss to Greece in a Euro 2008 qualifier in 2007 at the age of 36.

Retirement from all forms of the game soon followed at the end of the 2007-2008 season, where he helped his most notable club, Galatasaray, to domestic league glory.

To this day, he is still a heavily discussed and prominent figure who, after a career in football, turned to politics and was elected as a Member of Parliament to the Turkish Parliament in the 2011 General Elections. He has since, however, stepped down from this position but still performs as an MP independently.

So, with the benchmark set ahead of the World Cup, which starts next week, with the time to beat standing at 10.8 seconds, will this be one of many records broken at the 2014 World Cup?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, are you ready?

World Cup Rewind: Ronaldo sets all-time goals world record

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World Cup Rewind: America goes crazy for soccer in 1994

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Has it really been 20 years since the World Cup invaded U.S. soil?

It doesn’t feel that long since the Summer of Lalas, but indeed, doing the math, it’s hard to believe that two decades have passed since Romario roamed the pitch and All-4-One terrorized the charts.

A lot of people have taken the occasion of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to commemorate that 1994 edition. Paint us no different.

As part of our record-breaking look back at World Cup history, today we focus on that 1994 tournament, which remains the holder for largest attendance at a FIFA World Cup.

Yesterday: World Cup Rewind: Just Fontaine still owns the most goals in a single tournament

In a tournament that truly ran from sea to shining sea – with venues stretching from as far east as Foxborough, Massachusetts, to as far west as the San Francisco area – 3,587,538 spectators passed through the turnstiles of the nine stadiums.

That’s the most ever for a single World Cup, and the per-game average of 68,991 remains the highest mean for a tournament, too, aided by massive venues like the Pontiac Silverdome.

Amazingly, the record has held despite the World Cup since expanding from 24 teams to 32, and the total number of games played from 52 to 64.

The residual effects of the tournament can still be seen today. America now boasts the most youth soccer players of any nation, at more than 3 million. That number doubled betwen 1990-2010. Major League Soccer - founded as part of the 1994 bid and debuting in 1996 - has grown from 10 teams with no dedicated stadiums to 19 clubs with four more on the way, and 14 current soccer-specific grounds.

It helped that the matches of 1994 were all played in American football stadiums, marking the first real global marriage between “football” and football. It also helped that the largest of them all, Pasadena’s famous Rose Bowl, hosted the most matches. The 91,374-seat field saw eight games decided there, including the final and one semifinal.

But the secret to the 1994 World Cup's success is that it hit America at the perfect time. The team had already participated in Italy ’90 and, despite not winning a match, afforded the American public four years of awareness to get psyched for Tony Meola, Eric Wynalda, and Cobi Jones.

As an 8-year-old that summer, I remember having never watched a soccer game in my life. They couldn’t use their hands, so what kind of silly sport could this possibly be?

But the sheer magnitude of the event, the never-ending spectacle, and the thought that the entire world had its eyes trained on my country – it felt like a month-long circus. And by the end, while I couldn’t have picked Gabriel Batistuta out of a lineup of two, I sat glued to my TV to watch Roberto Baggio sail a finals-deciding penalty into the sun-kissed California crowd.

Obviously, the rest of America joined me in this rapture.

The booming Clinton administration was off and running, and the U.S. sat primed to welcome this international curiosity to its home. With the '90s as the first decade in which the world truly started shrinking into the global village we know it as today, it only made sense to marry the planet’s favorite game with the decade's pre-eminent cultural flag-bearer as host.

Or maybe everyone just wanted to show up to see the amazing stonewashed American jerseys and time-bending mullets.

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The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us. To get you in the mood for this summer’s tournament, over the next seven days we’ll be taking a look back at the stories behind some of the most significant World Records set on the beautiful game’s biggest stage.

We kick off with one of the home nation’s most celebrated footballing heroes, Ronaldo, and his Guinness World Records title for Most FIFA World Cup finals goals by a football player.

For more than a decade Ronaldo was Brazil’s main hitman.

Unparalleled power, pace to scare any defence and a ruthlessness in front of goal that many looked at in awe; Ronaldo was very much the all-round package.

His list of footballing honours reads more like a bibliography, having set the world alight at some of the biggest clubs including Inter Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

He also stands as one of only ten players to have won the FIFA World Player of the Year award on more than one occasion, joining the likes of Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten and Lionel Messi, having taken the Ballon d'Or in 1997 and again in 2002.

Arguably more impressive is the fact that he holds one of football’s most prestigious Guinness World Records titles - Most FIFA World Cup finals goals by a football (soccer) player, having hit the back of the net 15 times on soccer’s greatest stage (four times during France 98, eight in 2002 in Japan/South Korea and scoring three times during Germany 06).

Born Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima on the 18 September 1976, he began his playing career at Cruzeiro, making his league debut on 7 September 1993 against Corinthians, two weeks before his 17th birthday.

In his first season he notched up an impressive 12 goals in 14 appearances. It was a feat that brought him to the attention of the national team, with his burgeoning reputation seeing him selected for Brazil’s triumphant USA ‘94 World Cup squad.

While he did not make an appearance during the tournament, Ronaldo’s status as one of the game’s hottest talents was ensured, with the teenager making the move to European football shortly afterwards with a transfer to Dutch side PSV Eindhoven.

This was followed by a move to Spanish giants Barcelona two years later for a then world record fee of $19.5 million, before a move to Inter Milan just a year later for another record-setting fee of $27 million.

With the hype surrounding his talents at its height, Ronaldo entered the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France billed by reporters and experts as the world's greatest footballer.

He would have to wait until Brazil’s second group stage match against Morocco to open his World Cup scoring account, thundering home a precise drive in the 9th minute in an eventual 3-0 win. This was followed with a brace against Chile in the second round and a trademark finish in the box against the Netherlands in the semi-finals.

The eventual final in Paris against France was marred by controversy, with Ronaldo’s name left off the team sheet, only to reappear just in time for kick-off amid rumours that he had suffered a seizure in the build-up to the match.

Looking decidedly below-par, Ronaldo was subsequently eclipsed by Zinedine Zidane in a one-sided match that saw France crowned world champions for the first time.

Following the tournament, Ronaldo reinforced his reputation as the world’s best striker at club level, and was in scintillating form for Inter Milan before rupturing a tendon in his knee during a Serie A match against Lecce in November 1999.

Disaster struck just nine minutes into his comeback match the following April, when he suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament in the same knee.

The devastating injury kept Ronaldo out of Brazil's entire qualification campaign for the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea where, in his absence, the team was far from impressive.

His return from injury in time for the tournament was nothing short of sensational, with Ronaldo proving to be the inspiration as Brazil lifted the World Cup for the fifth time.

Making up the "three R's", alongside formidable attacking partners Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, Ronaldo ended the tournament as top scorer with eight goals, having scored against every opponent in the tournament except in the quarter-finals against England.

In the final against Germany in Yokohama, Japan, Ronaldo scored twice and tied Pelé's Brazilian record of 12 career World Cup goals.

His display during the tournament ensured another big money move, this time to Real Madrid for €46 million.

Despite growing criticism of his weight and fitness, coach Carlos Alberto Parreira nevertheless named Ronaldo in the starting line-up for Brazil during the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

With his two goals against Japan in the third match of the tournament, he became the 20th player ever to score in three different FIFA World Cups. More significantly, he would go on to break  Gerd Müller's World Cup finals scoring world record with his 15th and final World Cup goal in the second round match against Ghana.

Brazil would eventually get knocked out by France 1–0 with a goal from striker Thierry Henry in the quarter-finals, but Ronaldo had nevertheless made his own piece of footballing history during the tournament.

A final move to a big European club would follow in 2007 to AC Milan before Ronaldo eventually ended his playing career four years later whilst at Brazilian side Corinthians, succumbing to the knee injuries which had blighted him throughout his career.

He now splits his time between being co-owner of motorsports team A1 Brazil and as a regular player on the international poker circuit.

During a recent interview with Football Italia, Ronaldo admitted that he expects his record to be beaten during this year’s World Cup in his home country of Brazil.

Germany’s Miroslav Klose stands just one goal behind his total of 15 and Ronaldo accepts that the Lazio forward will likely surpass him at this summer’s tournament.

“Klose is 35 years old, he could have already stopped playing!” he jests.

“All joking aside, I am proud of my career and of the records I set. But I know that one day they will be broken.”

“It would be nice to keep it for a while longer but I am cheering for someone to break the record. It will be good for the sport.’”

With Klose named as Germany’s only recognised out-and-out striker in their World Cup squad for this year’s tournament, the Lazio forward looks certain to get the game time needed to set a new record.

Klose sounded confident when speaking to earlier this month about his chances of taking the record: “I assume I will be 100 per cent ready for the tournament. I feel good and I'm on the right path”, he said

“The fitness coaches know me very well and they know exactly what I need, so everything is moving in the right direction”,

“For me, the main thing is to be fit and the most important thing is the team," he said. "I am convinced that when the team plays well, then the striker will also get his chances. But anyone who knows me is aware that the goal record is a target of mine”.


The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us.

To get you in the mood for this summer’s tournament, over the past seven days we’ve be taking a look back at the stories behind some of the most significant World Records set on the beautiful game’s biggest stage.

You can check them all out below and remember to stay tuned for regular round-ups of record-breaking events at Brazil 2014 throughout the tournament here on GuinnessWorldRecords

nd for the latest on all things world record, visit Guinness World Records on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our brand-new Instagram. Plus check out Guinness World Records on YouTube to subscribe for the latest record-breaking videos!

Singer - Lady Gaga Hot Underwear

Lady Gaga Gains 25 Pounds, Shares Underwear Pics On Twitter

I know some folks ’round these parts aren’t big fans of Lady Gaga but I am so I’m thrilled to have the chance to write about these photos. While some young female celebs might freak out about gaining 25 pounds and immediately try to lose the weight, Lady Gaga takes a completely different approach. She strips to her undies and has a few underwear pics snapped. Then she shares them online. I think that’s fantastic. There are too many women in this world who worry so much about their weight. Gaga not only doesn’t hide her new curves, she shows them off. She talks so much about confidence and loving who you are. This is clearly a woman who lives her message. I admire that infinitely. While she has said she intends to lose the weight, I think it’s fantastic she did this all the same.

Actress - Casey Batchelor Red Bikini Photos

She has a figure to die for and Casey Batchelor showed off her curves in all her glory as she hung out by a pool in Ibiza, Spain.

The 29-year-old dazzled in a red bikini which was a little on the skimpy side, meaning her ample assets nearly spilled out of her top.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star, who was make-up free, made the most out of her relaxing break by chatting on her mobile phone to friends before taking a refreshing dip in the pool.

At one point, she reclined backwards on her lounger, letting her long tousled locks fall to the floor.

Casey took to Twitter as she hit the airport ahead of her vacation to tell her followers she had some sentimental baggage with her. She wrote: 'Adios Amigos!! Taking my Big Brother cases with me.'

On Sunday she wrote: 'At champagne spray party in @OceanBeachIbiza having a lovely time! Yes I just got soaked by champagne! Too much fun! I've missed Ibiza.'

The cheeky brunette also posted a picture of herself getting up close and personal with a rather hunky looking guy, as well as a picture of her and her pals.

Casey has just collaborated with Wild! leggings to launch a collection, which includes lace-patterned, rhinestone-embellished and velvet numbers.

Model - Josie Cunningham Pregnant

The celebrity wannabe who said she would abort the child for a place on Big Brother admits she would have had procedure anyway if she knew it was a boy

Pregnant Josie Cunningham has blamed her refusal to quit smoking on her unborn child – because instead of the girl she wanted, it’s a boy.

She says if she had known she was not having a daughter she would “most probably” have gone ahead with the abortion she’d planned so she could appear on TV.

Josie, 23, admits she has been smoking 20 a day and boozing at weekends when she has the girls over since learning she was expecting a third son – having quit weeks earlier after a psychic told her it was a girl.

She says: “The evening I found out the sex of the baby was when I lit up my first cigarette. I’m not proud of it – but I couldn’t stop myself. It changed everything.

“Once I’d finished the cigarette I found it difficult to focus on anything positive, so I had a small glass of wine. My intention was to have one, but before I knew it I was on my second and I’d smoked a whole packet of fags. Now I’m smoking 20 a day.

“I knew it could harm my child but it didn’t stop me. Deep down I know I wouldn’t be smoking or drinking if I knew I was having a girl.”

Josie was this week pictured smoking on her taxi-ride school run, which she has bragged is funded by the council to the tune of £6,000 a year as she is too much of a hate figure to use public transport.

Today the controversial glamour model, who shot to notoriety over her £4,800 NHS boob job, compares having a boy instead of a girl with driving a run-of-the-mill car rather than a luxury motor.

She says: “If you’ve already got a couple of Fords and you’re told your next car is going to be an Audi, your excitement goes through the roof.

“You make promises to yourself that you won’t smoke inside the car or let people eat takeaway food in it. But if it was another Ford those things wouldn’t be a problem.

“It’s the same for me with the smoking and drinking when pregnant with a girl as opposed to a boy.

“I know some people will find it disgusting that I started drinking and smoking again simply because I’m having another son, but I’m being honest.

“I wouldn’t be smoking or drinking if I knew I was having a girl.”

And she claims she is not the only mum to feel this way.

She says: “Deep down I know a lot of people are disappointed when they discover the sex of the child. The difference is I’m not scared to admit it.”

But now she claims her decision to keep her child was really based on her mistaken belief it was a girl.

And despite sex-selective abortion being illegal, she reveals: “If I’d known I was having another boy, would I have gone through with the termination? Most probably. But I thought I was having a girl.”

She adds: “GPs should be able to tell you the sex of your child earlier, so you can make an informed decision about termination. People have preferences, that’s fact.

“If I got pregnant again, with a fourth boy, would I keep it? No.

“If I got pregnant again with a girl, would I keep it? Definitely.”

Josie tells how she started to re-think her decision to have an abortion after receiving an email from a middle-aged woman on IVF who she says was so desperate for a baby she offered £5,000 for Josie’s.

The woman’s heartache gave her second thoughts, and Josie, from Leeds, turned for advice to a psychic.

She reveals: “It was her that told me I’d be having a little girl – that changed everything. I was going to have a little girl who I could pass on my life experiences to.

“I’d guide her on what not to do in life from my previous mistakes.

“I’m proud of myself and what I’ve achieved, but there are things I wouldn’t wish on any girl – and I thought about giving her help and advice.

“I couldn’t stop picturing a little pink room with pretty little dresses I could spoil her with. I was really excited.

“I couldn’t do it – I couldn’t terminate what I believed would be my first daughter.

“It being a girl changed everything.”

Excited Josie was even inspired to live a healthier life – for a while.

“Once I decided to keep the baby, it took me a week to quit smoking completely,” she says.

“The thought of damaging my little princess was too much, and the excitement I had made me kick the nicotine addiction instantly. I also stopped drinking alcohol and made a real point of eating healthily.

“I started to look around baby shops. I fell in love with a pram perfect for a little girl and lots of pretty baby grows and toys. It was easy because my brain was filled with girls’ names, and I’d day-dream about growing up with a daughter who’d be my closest friend for life.

“I decided I would call her Karma. The psychic said she would look exactly like I did when I was a baby and that the next year would be filled with joy. I believed every word.”

Josie’s bubble was burst at her 23-week scan last month when she found the psychic’s prediction was wrong – and it was too late to change her mind again on the termination.

“The nurse asked if I’d like to know the sex, and I was so excited to hear the words ‘You’re having a baby girl’ I said yes,” she says.

“Then the nurse said ‘You’re having a boy’. My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach that I had sacrificed so much to have my first daughter, only to be told I was having a boy. It ruined the whole scenario. I went home that afternoon and cried non-stop.”

Josie vented her anger in a stream of distressed tweets @JosieConline, writing: “Absolutely heartbroken/devastated/fuming!!!

“Never make life changing decisions based on advice from someone claiming they have psychic abilities!! So angry!!!!”

As her bump grows, she confesses she has lost all maternal instinct for the child and has stopped looking after herself.

The baby has two possible fathers – one a casual fling, the other a stranger she slept with while working briefly as a £1,000-an-hour escort. Neither looks likely to support her or the baby.

Josie has provoked outrage over her taxpayer-funded plastic surgery and taxis, but takes a defiant pride in supporting her own family. She says: “I’m very proud to not be a single mother on benefits.

“I’m working hard at the moment and the rewards are just starting to show.”

And despite what she says about not wanting another son, she insists it will be happy families once he arrives.

“My maternal instincts will kick in and I’ll love him as much as my other two boys,” she says.

How her third son will feel once he’s old enough to understand what she now says about him, is another matter.

Singer - Sinitta Strips To Her Underwear For Raunchy Performance

She's proud of her body! Sinitta puts on raunchy performance at Pride In London as she strips down to nude underwear

The 50-year-old singer (yes, she's 50) stripped down to her undies on Saturday in the middle of Trafalgar Square to perform at Pride in London

Simon Cowell's bessie Sinitta sure knows how to make a comeback.

The 50-year-old singer (yes, she's 50) stripped down to her undies on Saturday in the middle of Trafalgar Square to perform at Pride in London.

The pop princess showed off her insanely toned legs, bum and tum in a pair of mocha knickers with a cocktail glass on the crotch and a matching bra as she performed to her adoring fans.

The brunette mum-of-two wore an impressive feather headdress, a pair of leafy fairy wings and was adorned with balloons and streamers.

Sinitta wore her long brunette locks down and wavy and kept her make-up simple except for a slick of fuchsia lippy.

At one stage she put on a red blazer and did some J Lo style booty popping.

Following her performance, Sinitta tweeted: "The Coolest person you can be is someone who includes, accepts and treats EVERYONE with love + respect.. Today we saw what it could be like."

"#PrideinLondon thank you for having me and @squarepegmedia on the float. And to EVERYONE smiling and happy on the street. loved our partying."

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Actress - Raai Laxmi Hot Photos

Lakshmi Rai is Now Raai Laxmi

Lakshmi Rai is the latest to join a long list of actresses who have opted for a name change. The actress has now changed her name to Raai Laxmi from Lakshmi Rai.

Says a source close to the actress, "Lakshmi is now doing action roles and feels her old name gives the impression of being a soft person. So, she has now chosen to change her name to Raai Laxmi, in tune with the action roles that she is doing now."

When Chennai Times got in touch with the actress, she confirmed the news, saying, "Yes, my name in now Raai Laxmi. It is not exactly a name change. It is the same name but it is just that I am shuffling it a bit. I have added an extra 'a' to the Rai as it is going to be my first name."

Explaining why she had opted for a name change, she says, "I was supposed to do this almost a year ago, but couldn't because of prior commitments. One needs some time to do something like this as everyone knows me as Lakshmi Rai. My family named me after the Goddess. But nobody calls me Lakshmi."

"People have always called me either Rai or Lakshmi Rai. Even at home, they call me just Raai. Moreover, we have moved many places right from my childhood. So, I haven't been able to spare the time for the name change."

"My dad has been insisting for a long time that I change my name to Raai as it goes with my personality. Even now, it all seems to be happening automatically. From now on, all my films will credit me as Raai Laxmi."

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Actress - Mallika Sherawat Hot Sexy Bikni Photos

Mallika Sherawat is an Indian actress who appears mainly in Bollywood films. Known for her bold
onscreen attitude in such films as Khwahish and Murder Sherawat has been frequently featured in the media as symbol. Mallika Sherawat Hot Picture,Mallika Sherawat Sexy Photos,Mallika Sherawat Hot Pics,Mallika Sherawat Bikini Pics,Mallika Sherawat Bikini,hot Mallika Sherawat,Mallika Sherawat hot bikni wallpapers,Mallika Sherawat hot kiss,Mallika Sherawat without clothes,Latest Mallika Sherawat hot and sexy Bikini Photos

Born: October 24, 1976, Rohtak

Height: 1.69 m

Songs: Sway

Parents: Mukesh Kumar Lamba

Spouse: Vijay Singh (m. 2013), Karan Singh Gill (m. 1997–2001)

Siblings: Vikram Lamba

Education: Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, Miranda House, University of Delhi

Early life

Sherawat was born Reema Lamba in Rohtak, Haryana to a Jat family. Mallika was born in the family of Seth Chhaju Ram, a leading Jat philanthropist, She was born on 24 October; though the year is unknown. She adopted the screen name of "Mallika", meaning "empress", to avoid confusion with other actresses named Reema. "Sherawat" is her mother's maiden name She has stated that she uses her mother's maiden name because of the support that her mother has provided her. Although relations with her family were strained when she entered the film industry,now Sherawat's family have accepted her career choice and reconciled their relations.

Sherawat went to school at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. She has obtained a degree in philosophy from Miranda House, Delhi University. During the initial days of her career, she claimed to have come from a very conservative small town family, and that she faced many hurdles from her family in pursuing her career. However, Mallika's family has refuted this as a story created by her to give her an aura of a small town rustic girl who made it big in Bollywood. It has been reported that she was married for a short while to a Jet Airways pilot Captain Karan Singh Gill.

Sherawat Hot And Sexy Bikini Photos

Singer - Shimla Song Lyrics Pardeep Jeed

Track Name : Shimla

Singer : Pardeep Jeed

Lyricist : Narinder Batth

Music Director : Bhinda Aujla

Edited by : Jagjeet Dhanoa

Video by : Vehli Janta Films

Director : Harry Bhatti

Shimla Song Lyrics Pardeep Jeed

Ni mein shimla ghamon jogga reh gya
Tere hath nu kise da hath pe gya. .. .
Ni mein shimla ghamon jogga reh gya
Tere hath nu kise da hath pe gya
Sannu kargi marij tute dil da. .. .
Oh teinu dekh k kise da taap reh gya
Ni mein shimla ghamon jogga reh gya
Tere hath nu kise da hath pe gya. .. .

Ni mein shimla ghamon jogga reh gya
Tere hath nu kise da hath pe gya. .. .

Oh nit update rehndi facebook te
Thoda net vi sunida faahe pood d
Oh pind mitra de rang dande pood di, di
Sadda 98ve na net mihna nahio kadhda. .. .
Ni mein shimla ghamon jogga reh gya
Tere hath nu kise da hath pe gya. .. .
Ni mein shimla ghamon jogga reh gya
Tere hath nu kise da hath pe gya. .. .

Movie - Paisa Yaar ‘N’ Panga Punjabi Movie

Release: July 11,

Paisa Yaar N Panga

Studio : Bharat Arora Productions

Starring : Gavie Chahal, Mukul Dev, Khushboo Grewal, Flora Saini, Karan Sekhon (Introducing), Rishita Monga, Richa, Veer Vashisht & Others

Producer (s) : Bharat Arora, Arvinder Singh, Gurprit Singh Gujral

Co - Producer (s) : Jagir Kaur Randhawa & Sher Singh

Associate Producer (s) : Vineet Puri, Sharad Kamra, Gursharanjit Singh, Sagar Puri

Creative Producer : Sagar S Sharma

Director : Virender Singh

DOP : Kapil K. Gautam

Story & Screenplay : Ranjeev Verma

Lyrics : Kumaar & Raj Kakra

Music : Gurmeet Singh & Jassi Katyal

Background Score : Salil Amrute

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