Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Designs - Reasons for avoiding high-heeled shoes

High heels are elegant footwear that adds beauty and style to the woman’s dressing. Although they look gorgeous in high heels most of the women avoid wearing them too often. They use them for special events. Below are the main reasons for avoiding high heels.

The major reason for avoiding wearing high heels is to avoid any foot pain. Wearing heels for a longer time may cause long lasting foot and hip pain that is very severe. The whole body weight is balanced on your feet due to which excessive pain is felt.

Not only foot but back pain is a common problem for women who wear heels often. If proper exercise and yoga routine is not followed this can be a serious problem.

To enjoy walking with comfort:

Women prefer to walk in sleepers and flat shoes. They never like to walk with high heels. Usually you have to cover long distances for catching a bus or train and you cannot wear heels for such a long distance. They cause pain in such cases. A comfortable walk or long distance covering is only possible when you are wearing flat shoes. Women avoid the high heels because there is a large chance of falling on the ground.

Keep away from foot injuries:

Women avoid heels as they lead to serious foot injuries. Your foot posture is also affected by wearing high heels.

Keep away from high heels if you do not know how to take care of your feet. Regular massage and foot care tips are effective for those who use heels. This keeps your feet free from any pain. Wear heels to look elegant but do not wear heels to stand or walk for several hours.

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