Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Designs - Rules to follow when you are buying shoes

Buying the best pair of shoes that looks elegant and at the same suitable for feet is not an easy task. Shoes for women have unique colors and styles that are attracting the women the shop windows. But choosing the right and comfortable pair of shoes needs some time. Here are some rules that you should keep in mind before buying shoes.

Rule 1: Daytime shopping

The best time for shopping for shoes is during the day. In the morning your feet are light and rested and in the evening a little swallowing is observed. You cannot notice these changes with your naked eye but these slight changes affect how your shoes fit. The appropriate time for shopping for shoes is to go during day time.

Rule 2: Match the color of the shoes with your clothing

Have a look at your wardrobe. See how many dresses you have which have the same color shades and check your shoe collection. Only buy those shoes that match with your dresses and try to get multicolored shoes that match with various dresses.

Rule 3: Try the shoes on both feet

While checking the size of the shoes it is advised to wear both of the shoes. Check if each foot is relaxed. Both feet are not equal, they have slight variations. Make sure your feet have enough space in the shoes.

Rule 4: Check well whether the shoes fit you perfectly

Never buy those shoes that are too tight or those that are loose. Both of these types of shoes are not easy to wear. Always look for properly fitting shoes and do not compromise on this point.

Rule 5: Choose a comfortable pair of shoes:

Comfort is essential and you should never forget that. Buying a pair of shoes that are not comfortable is wastage of money. Take care of your feet. Never buy heels if you cannot walk with them and you do not feel comfortable wearing them.

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