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Amaznig - Top Ten Trends Of 2018 From World Economic Forum Underscore The Need For Cloud Security

Today the World Economic Forum (WEF) published their analysis of the Top Ten Trends Facing The World In 2014 based on insights gained from research completed with their Network of Global Agenda Councils.  Every year the WEF forecasts the 10 biggest trends for the coming year, specifically looking at how they will influence global and regional economic, political and social change.  Also included are new technology developments and advances the WEF has seen in their research.

The study’s methodology relies on the WEF’s selective survey tool that generated 1,500 responses.  The Outlook on the Global Agenda 2014 which includes the top 10 trends, can be downloaded in PDF form here.  The methodology is thoroughly explained and located on the last pages of the PDF.

The top 10 trends the World Economic Forum found based on their research are shown here:

The WEF also provides extensive analysis by region and also by trend.  The following is a breakout of 2014 trends by region. Please click on the graphic to expand it for easier viewing.

Each of the ten trends is explained in detail with commentary and also with an Inside the Data infographic.  The 4th trend, Intensifying Cyber Threats is supported with the following infographic shown below.  According to the WEF trend analysis, manufacturing is the most frequently attacked industry by malicious online activity, followed by finance, insurance and real estate (19%) and services (17%).

This data shows how critical the rising level of research & development (R&D) spending on cloud computing security models are, especially in manufacturing.  Please click on the graphic to expand it for easier viewing.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Designs - Noah Cyrus Rocks a Jet Black Hair with a Shaved Pink Diamond on Its Side

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Shine bright in my BLACK hair like a PINK diamond, Shine bright in my BLACK hair like a PINK diamond… Ahem… So sorry, Rihanna, for ruining the lyrics of your amazing song that way, but those words are perfect to describe the new hairstyle being rocked by one of our beloved teen celebrities. Who rocked what? It’s Noah Cyrus we’re going to talk about today, dear readers. She debuted a … a… Give me a few seconds to phrase it right! Ahem… Okay, let me say it! Miley Cyrus’s little sister is currently sporting jet black hair with a pink diamond shaved into it.

Yep, ladies & gentlemen, you read it right! And yep, again, this is why I chose Rihanna’s song, “Shine Bright Like a Diamond,” as an intro. And yep for the third time, her hair color was indeed honey blonde just a month ago. So what happened? Actually, I’d prefer that you sit before I answer this question. Are you seated? All right! Now, let me tell you the story of Noah’s shocking makeover. Don’t hesitate! Read on! Last November, Noah took the plunge; she buzzed one side of her head. Remind you of someone? Of course, it does…her big sister Miley, whose footsteps she obviously follows! The oldest of the Cyrus sisters, Brandi, was the one who unveiled the young actress’s half-shaved do on her Instagram account. She posted a picture of her newly shorn sis with the caption; “Lil sis @noahcyrus just one up’d me.”

After barely a month, the little Cyrus went a step further in her makeover and dyed her blonde tresses jet black—yes, that is what you’re gonna see these days. The 13-year-old debuted her new black hair on the red carpet of DigiFest LA, The Largest YouTube Music Festival.

Then, just a few days ago, Noah decided to put the final touch on her new hairdo and shaved a pink diamond into it… Excuse me, dears, what was that? Did someone fall to the floor? Oh, my… It’s very shocking, I know. Who could have imagined that this adorable girl would opt for such an edgy hairstyle so soon, right? I suppose it was bound to happen, but already? Sigh.

The “Doc” star posted a picture of her jet black hair with the pink diamond on its side to her Twitter account, but she quickly deleted it! Do you suppose she did that because she couldn’t handle fans’ criticism? Maybe. The important question to be asked right now, Stylisheves, is this: Do you think Noah’s new hairdo is Trashy or Trendy? Tell us in the comments below!

Designs - Isabella Cruise Debuts a Red Buzz Haircut

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Guess who may be competing with Rihanna for the title “Greatest Hair Chameleon of 2013″? Any suggestions, dear readers? No? Then, let me say it myself, as usual. It’s Isabella Cruise. Why her? Well, the daughter of Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise has been experimenting with hair color during all of 2013. She started the year with an orange bob, which she turned into a lilac pixie in February. Then this short crop was dyed vibrant green, then it was bleached, and then the green-bleach cycle was repeated.

Now she’s rocking a bright red buzz cut. Red buzz what? Ladies, you read it right. Isabella, who has been living for the past few months in London where she’s attending art school, ditched her blonde (or was it green at the time?) pixie cut in favor of a red shaved look. She debuted this new effect while celebrating her 21st birthday with her DJ brother, Connor Cruise, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on Dec. 24. Connor unveiled his sister’s new cut by posting to Instagram a picture of them enjoying a rollercoaster with friends. The photo’s caption was, “Safe to say Disney World was a blast.”

Now, Stylisheves, tell us: What do you think of Ms. Cruise’s new bright red buzz? Do you dig it or despise it? Show off in the comments!

Singer - Jennifer Hudson Chops Off Her Long Hair into a Short Pixie Cut

Canada,America,England,USA,UK,United Kingdom Country,New Zealand,Canada Country,America country,North America,Australia

Oh wow, wooow! This pixie cut makes J.Hud look more than AH-MAZING! Ahem… Yes, readers, J.Hud is Jennifer Hudson. And yes again, following in the footsteps of her Dreamgirls co-star BeyoncĂ©, Anne Hathaway, and other A-list celebrities, she chopped those glamorous, long, dark tresses into a sassy, sexy, short pixie. Can you believe it? Does your silence mean you can’t believe it? Whatever… It’s true. The Oscar winner debuted her new short ‘do at the BET Black Girls Rock! event at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Oct. 26. Let me tell you that Jennifer showed off not only her new hairstyle but also her super-slim figure, which she outfitted in a sexy little black dress. She completely rocked the pink carpet at that event: with her flawless figure, stunning haircut, and elegant LBD, she was sexy, chic, neat, and eye-catching!

You know who loves her pixie even more than I do? Hudson herself. Here’s the evidence. At the premiere of her new movie, “Black Nativity,” at the Apollo Theater in New York City, when she was asked about the best part of wearing a pixie, the 32-year-old actress told Hollywood Life exclusively: “It’s so easy! Then I get to explore myself and find my new swag with this! You know, it changes your wardrobe, your style, your flavor, so I’m getting used to it!” Okay. If she’s getting used to her short haircut and loving it, then what are we supposed to do? Exactly the same!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Song - Sangdi Sangdi Lyrics Kulwinder Billa Full Song

Song: Sangdi Sangdi

Singer: Kulwinder Billa

Music Composer: Jassi Bros

Video Director: Sukh Sanghera

Lyrics: Nek Berang

Music Label: Japas Music

Lyrics of Song Haan Keh Aayi Haan - Kulwinder Billa:
Oh Vi Lutt Ke Meri Neend Lai Gaya Raatan Di
Main Vi Lutt Ke Ohda Chain Vain Sabh Lai Aayi Aa..
Oh Vi Lutt Ke Meri Neend Lai Gaya Raatan Di
Main Vi Lutt Ke Ohda Chain Vain Sabh Lai Aayi Aa..
Oh Vi Darda Darda Dil Da Haal Suna Geya Ni
Main Vi Sangdi Sangdi Bullan Chon Haan Keh Aayi Aa
Main Vi Sangdi Sangdi Bullhan Chon Haan Keh Aayi Aa

Hun Mera Dil Vi Bas Ohde Layi Hi Dhadkuga
Te Ohda Dil Vi Nitt Milne Nu Tarsuga
Hun Mera Dil Vi Bas Ohde Layi Hi Dhadkuga
Te Ohda Dil Vi Nitt Milne Nu Tarsuga
Kehnda Fer Madam Ji Kad Darshan Hovange
Jithe Ajj Mile Haa Osse Hi Thaa Keh Aayi Haa
Oh Vi Darda Darda Dil Da Haal Suna Geya Ni
Main Vi Sangdi Sangdi Bullhan Chon Haan Keh Aayi Aa
Main Vi Sangdi Sangdi Bullan Chon Haan Keh Aayi Aa

Ishq Kameena Main Vi Jaan Apni Nu Laa Bethi
Goodhiyan Ohde Naal Preetan Paa Bethi
Ishq Kameena Main Vi Jaan Apni Nu Laa Bethi
Goodhiyan Ohde Naal Preetan Paa Bethi
2-3 Saal Ho Gaye Pichhe Pichhe Firda Si
Ni Kujh Kar Na Baithe Mar Jaana Taa Keh Aayi Haa
Oh Vi Darda Darda Dil Da Haal Suna Geya Ni
Main Vi Sangdi Sangdi Bullhan Chon Haan Keh Aayi Aa
Main Vi Sangdi Sangdi Bullan Chon Haan Keh Aayi Aa

Main Hun Sheeshey Muhre Khadke Kalli Hassdi Aa
Jad Ohdi Shakal Nu Band Akhan Naal Takkdi Aa
Main Hun Sheeshey Muhre Khadke Kalli Hassdi Aa
Jad Ohdi Shakal Nu Band Akhan Naal Takkdi Aa
Kehnda Nek Mera Naa Te Mera Pind Uppla Ai
Main Vi Jeeti Keh Ke Ni Apna Naa Keh Aayi Aa
Oh Vi Darda Darda Dil Da Haal Suna Geya Ni
Main Vi Sangdi Sangdi Bullhan Chon Haan Keh Aayi Aa
Main Vi Sangdi Sangdi Bullan Chon Haan Keh Aayi Aa

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Fashion - How to choose the right fashion clothes that suit you

Selecting the right clothes for your body type, that express your style of clothing is very difficult. People sometimes blindly follow the fashion tendencies and very often they do not even feel comfortable in these clothes. Your goal should be clear that you must try to find the best style that suits your personality and at the same time is fashionable. Here are some advices which you can follow in order to choose the best style that suits you.

  • First of all you must find out what your body structure is. Which clothes will be perfect for your body? You must be aware of your body requirements and choose the best fashion clothes that will not only look good on you but also be comfortable.
  • When you wear some clothing that you like and you feel comfortable in it, take pictures. Pictures will help you in deciding which style is the most comfortable for you. Also take pictures of those outfits that do not suit you at all. This will help you later in taking the decision of what to wear.
  • You can also analyze which color is the most appropriate according to your eyes and skin color. Find out the color combination which suits you best and decide which the best option for yourself is.
  • You need to select your personal favorite style. There is no need to get confused in the latest fashion trends and styles that people follow. Choose that style which is most appropriate for you and you like the most. Make a folder on your computer in which you place all the styles and fashion clothes which you like. Keeping various styles in mind is helpful in selecting the right outfits.
  • Arrange your wardrobe well. There is no need to again and again wear clothes that do not suit you. Throw them away and keep those clothes that are prefect for you in terms of style, color and looks.
  • Along with the clothes choose and pretty accessories that look good with your clothing.

Fashion - How to select the best evening dress

Women like to attend parties and impress people with their unique and wonderful dresses. Their outfits must be simple, yet gorgeous and of course look different. Selecting a dress for evening parties is not an easy task. There are some tips which you can follow when selecting the appropriate color for your party dress or its style.

A major aspect that is considered while looking for the best suitable evening dress is the price of the dress. You may have a short budget range and still you are looking for an impressive dress. A solution for this problem is to search in shops or online stores where you can find some discounts. It is also possible to find a gorgeous dress at reasonable price by chance.

After selecting your price range, think of the color which you want to wear at the specific party. In this way the choice of color and style of the dress will be easier. Better to keep some specific color ranges in mind to limit your search. Black or blue colors are very appropriate for official evening parties. Lights colors with more impressive makeup also look gorgeous.

After selecting the right color, the next step is to consider what the type of the party is. Whether you are going to attend some official event or you are attending an informal or casual party. Dress appropriately and buy your dress based on the above mentioned points. Both online and city shopping stores have a list of exciting dresses ranging in different prices. Keep in mind the style, color and price range necessary for the specific occasion. You would like to impress the people present at the party, feel beautiful and comfortable in your outfit. Dress according to the particular event and avoid wearing dresses which are uncomfortable and will ruin your evening.

Fashion - Never follow fashion blindly, always choose comfort

Wearing good clothes, jewelry, shoes and following the latest fashion trends and styles does not
always work. You do not necessarily look brilliant in these latest branded clothes. According to the opinion of most of the super models and successful designers a person should combine comfort, style and fashion. Here are some rules that you should follow in order to avoid following fashion blindly.

1. Always dress for yourself. Never think about impressing other people and do not mind their opinion. Dress for your own well-being and aim to look good for you. If someone is impressed by your style that is a good thing but it should not be the cause of wearing any clothes.

2. Never follow the fashion trends blindly. This will give you nothing except frustration and the feeling of being lost if you do not manage to combine such clothes and accessories which are in vogue. You will feel disappointed when wearing expensive clothes that do not suit you and you look weird in them.

3. Make sure you understand your body type clearly. Love yourself and your dressing style.

4. Always wear suits that fit to your body. Wearing too loose or too tight clothes that do not suit you are not recommended.

5. Always choose a small amount of accessories while following fashion. Less looks more decent then using too many accessories at a time. For example if you have to dress for a birthday party. Wearing a set of a small bracelet with earrings is completely enough instead of wearing heavy necklaces, bracelets and uncomfortable clothes.

6. Choose footwear in which you feel comfortable. Many women cannot walk with high heels but they want to wear them as they are in fashion. This way of following fashion is never acceptable. If you want to feel comfortable then wear heels as high as you like.

7. Some makeup fashion trends are also too extravagant. They can never be followed by everyone. Models can adopt such trends but the general public should not focus on that. Choose colors and simple tones that match with your outfit, the specific occasion and the shape and color of your eyes.

Fashion - The art of selecting the best fashion accessories

Each and every one of us wants to look elegant, simple and beautiful. Dressing is the main element for a decent and impressive look. But clothes are not enough to follow fashion. You have several other options to be fashionable. Style and elegance is present and in bags, jewelry, shoes and several other items which you can choose form along with the beautiful dresses. Selecting the best accessories is an art. Not everyone is able to choose the right style that suits his personalities. Now we will look at some of the basic accessories that women use along with their clothes.

Selecting the best jewelry accessories:

There are numerous options of jewelry accessories from which you can choose – bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, etc.

Always consider your budget before shopping. Once you decide you budget range then move on to shopping and choose elegant, stylish and unique pieces of jewelry. There is no need to buy heavy and expensive items as they are only suitable for special occasions. Select simple and decent accessories that can match with most of your dresses. Silver sterling jewelry is very popular in this regard.

Selecting the best Handbag:

This is an essential accessory that women require not only to look elegant but to carry their important items with them all the time. The right color and style are selected on the basis of your body, your personal requirements and style of dressing. If you have a tall and slim figure you should choose large bags. Clutches look stylish for various occasions, mostly formal. Travel bags, elegant bags, school or college bags, in fact there is a great variety of bags to choose from.

Selecting the best shoes:

The shoes are also a very important part of the woman’s outfit. You cannot go outside without them. Eye catching styles and elegant looks are used in the modern shoe designs. Choose shoes according to your comfort level and price range. Expensive to cheap shoes are available on the market nowadays. Open shoes, sandals, high heels, flat ones with various styles are your options to select from on the basis of your own comfort and the specific occasion.

Designs - Wear elegant jewelry to top off your appearance

Jewelry is one of the main items and among the favorite accessories of women. Their outfits sometimes look incomplete if none of the jewelry items are used along with the clothing. These include bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants, necklaces, chains, earrings and hair pins. All these items are available in various styles and materials.

Materials used for jewelry:

The most popular materials used are gold and silver but nowadays are made jewels and from white gold, platinum and even artificial materials in unique and different designs and various shapes. Silver jewelry is more famous and preferred by most of the people due to its color and lower price. Sterling silver looks very elegant on the skin and is also appropriate as a present. White or colored crystals and different stones are incrusted in the jewels to make them look more beautiful. And of course the most wanted of all precious stones – the diamond, for those who can afford it.

Styles of jewelry used:

Unique styles of jewelry are observed on the market nowadays. They can be simple and elegant or shiny and colorful with many stones. Jewels can now be made in various shapes and designs. Pendants are produced in the shape of hearts, flowers, animals, spirals and many more diverse forms. Bracelets are made from metal, plastic, leather and even rope. They can be thin or wide and in all color variations. Earrings are made in classical styles from gold or silver with gems but there also such handmade from artificial materials. Very popular lately are the earrings with feathers.

Color combinations and beads:

Combining different styles and colors of jewelry is very fashionable and common these days. The combination between metal and colored jewels looks very stylish. Very popular are the jewels with beads. Pink, violet, purple, yellow, blue, orange, brown and red are the most common colors used in the beads. Beads can be also in various shapes and sizes.

The variety of jewelry is enormous. Decorate yourself with jewelry to complete your outfit and create your own unique style.

Fashion - Why online shopping is the best option to look for the latest fashion trends

Shopping is the hobby of most of the women. But shopping requires a lot of time and money if you look for specified brands. With the advancement of technology and the development of new websites, the brands are now selling their products online. Customers have the option of buying the latest products from the online shopping stores without spending a lot of time in the markets. Several benefits of online shopping are observed. Let us discuss some of these benefits.

  1. The first exciting benefit of online shopping is the ease and convenience offered to the customers. People love to buy things while sitting in their home or offices. They avoid the crowds and excessive walking around the shops by shopping online. The option of 24 hour shopping has also made life easier. Payment methods are convenient. No need to go outside to make any bank transactions. Just order, pay by a credit card and things will be right there at your doorstep.
  2. Prices of the online stores are lower as compared to the physical stores. The stores on the streets and in the malls are in the middle between companies and the customers and the companies take their commissions. The online shopping removes these commissions. You directly deal with the sellers and get the required product. They also offer discounts and packages on various latest products. Fashion accessories are sold in packages. For example you may get a deal of getting a free bag by buying two bags.
  3. Online shopping stores have lists of thousands of products from all the stores that are located in different areas. There is no need to go outside and explore the fashionable colors and styles in a shopping mall. Sit in front of your computer, open a website and search for your favorite color and style. Advance searching options also minimizes the time of selecting products.

It is your choice to buy many and various items at a time, send gifts or get fascinated fashionable items within limited time.

Fashion - A few ways to make the makeup last on oily skin

Oily skin does not allow the makeup to last for a long time. Women generally avoid doing makeup during day time if they have oily skin. Stop worrying you can do a regular makeup even if you have an oily skin texture. Here are some of the best possible solutions recommended by chemists and dermatologists to make your makeup last on oily skin.

1. The best possible way to make your makeup last is to provide a good base for all the makeup. Primer is the only option that performs this work efficiently. It not only provides the base to put makeup on your face but it also absorbs the oil content from the skin. Apply it before applying anything else.

2. Use specific primer for the eyelids that absorbs the oil from your eyelids all the day long and would give a long lasting effect for the shadows.

3. Oily skin with a little powder looks elegant. If you use too much powder however, over the foundation base the oil will start coming out through the pores. Use a little bit of powder that looks nice and light.

4. Using oil free products for makeup which have some amount of glycolic acid are the best solution. This acid reduces the natural production of oil from the skin pores and gives you oil free skin. Use foundation and primers which are oil free and cleansers which have the necessary amount of this acid to reduce the oil secretion.

5. Use water proof products that are long lasting. Eye liners and water proof mascaras are a very good option to use if you have oily skin.

6. Another option is to use paper to absorb the oil from your skin without taking off the makeup along with it. Press the paper where you feel oil and gently remove it without rubbing.

7. Try to use skin treatments once or twice a week to get rid of the excessive oil. Use masks that are not harmful for the skin.

Fashion - Always remove your makeup before going to bed

Most of the women use makeup daily and it is essential to remove it before going to bed. If you do not remove your makeup it can cause skin problems and make linings on your skin. Always remove the makeup and clean your skin with some good cleanser and moisturize it after washing your face. To maintain the health and glow of your skin it is mandatory to clean your face from masks, makeup, chemical products or dirt. Here are some of the most important reasons why it is important to remove your makeup before going to bed.

Why should you remove makeup your before sleep?

  1. The first reason is the growth of bacteria that occur due to the makeup particles present on the pillow. If you sleep with foundation for instance some of it sticks to the pillow. Later on it will allow the growth of bacteria and cause skin problems like linings, acne and dark circles.
  2. When you sleep during the night your skin takes oxygen and refreshes all the pores and cells. If you sleep with makeup oxygen will not be able to get in. As a result your skin will not refresh and it will start looking dull and dry. To maintain its glow by proper refreshing, remove your makeup before going to bed.
  3. The skin health is maintained when you go to bed on time. Late night routines damage the skin health. For this reason it is better to remove the makeup and apply some skin cream that helps in regulating the nourishment process at night.
  4. Daily makeup catches a lot of dust and pollutants from the surrounding us environment and the free radicals that are not beneficial for our skin health. Washing your face and cleansing it assures the removal of all the dust and pollutants.
  5. Removing eye makeup gives you wrinkle free skin for a long time. Remove anything from your face and eyes to look younger.

Designs - Bridal makeup tips for stylish look

Brides need to prepare very well for their wedding day. They plan for months, go on diets and take care of their skin to look gorgeous on the wedding day. The beauty tips they follow before the wedding all help for the stunning appearance. Follow our tips for the wedding makeup to look magnificent on the bridal day.

  1. Whether you choose simple makeup to look elegant or glamorous makeup, foundation is the base of every makeup. Choose a foundation either liquid or powdered to even your tan and smooth your skin. Choose a tone which matches your skin color.
  2. The next step is to cover the dark circles. Concealers are used to hide these circles. Use skin texture matching concealers for the bridal makeup once you have applied foundation. It is better to use water proof concealers that give long lasting effects.
  3. The following step is to apply eye makeup. People have different natural shades of eye colors. You have to follow specific make up tips for your own eye color. Apply eye shadows which suit your eyes color.
  4. Choose stylish and elegant colors for the eye shadows. It is not necessary to use a red theme eye makeup for the bridal day. Now that the wedding dresses have different styles, accessories and colors you can also choose different styles of eye shadows that will match your outfit.
  5. Bridal makeup is incomplete without eye lashes and mascara. Apply mascara and eye liner to complete the makeup of the most prominent part of your face.
  6. To make you cheeks look glowing use light pink or red blush on them. You will look fresh and beautiful.
  7. The final step of the bridal makeup is to choose the color of the lipstick and gloss. If you want to look simple choose a lighter shade. Dark color lipsticks make the makeup more impressive. Light eye makeup with dark lipstick is one of the combinations used for brides. If you are using darker shades on the eyes then choose a light tone for your lipstick to balance the overall looks.

Makeup - How to apply everyday eye makeup

Doing makeup daily is somehow tricky for those who do not know how to properly apply it and what colors are suitable for the day light. Here are some tips that will help you to apply daily eye makeup with ease. You will be satisfied with your makeup and enjoy doing it.

Eye primer:

The first step is to put eye primer which is used to smooth the eye lids. Apply little primer over the eye lids and spread it with your finger. This makes the skin perfect for longer lasting of the eye shadows. Eye primers are cheap and easy to get from any makeup shop.

Eye shadow:

Now apply eye shadows on the eye lids. For daily makeup it is not recommended to choose too bright or dark colors. Choose simple and light themes for eye shadow that will give you a fresh look every morning. Try not to use too much eye shadow because in this way you will not look natural.

Eye crease line:

After shading your eyes, the next step is to make a crease line above the shadow to prominent your shade. This is done using a slightly darker shade from the one you have chosen for the base color.
Eye highlighter:

Next step is to use highlighters. They are usually powdered mats that highlight your basic eye shadows. These are applied on the bone above the eye lids and below the eyebrows.

Eye Liner:

The eye makeup looks incomplete without eye liner. It gives a charming looks to the eye and it looks more elegant. Without liner the eye makeup looks simple.

Eye mascara:

After completing all the steps mentioned above you need to apply mascara to make your eye lashes prominent and thick. Thick lashes add more beauty to the face and make your eyes more expressive.

Designs - How to avoid the worst makeup mistakes

Applying makeup is an art and most of the women make big mistakes when they apply makeup on their faces. They want to look beautiful and in doing so they do unusual things. Let us discuss some of the most common mistakes women make while applying makeup and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1:

The most common mistake women made is to use too much foundation. When you put excessive amount of foundation when making grimaces like laughing, talking or frowning cracks appear and this looks ugly. In this way women look unattractive and they must keep in mind that hiding the little deformities or pimples with too much foundation never makes them beautiful.

Mistake 2:

Most of the time girls who know little about makeup use eye shadows in bright, funky colors and they apply them from the start of the eyelids all the way to the eyebrows. Eye shadows put without highlighter and contour line look tasteless. Such eye makeup is not attractive at all. It is much better to use two or three shades, merge them and use contour line and highlighter.

Mistake 3:

The biggest mistake made while hiding pimples and dark circles. Hiding pimples with a lighter shade of concealer makes them even more prominent. Instead, try similar a shade of concealer as your skin has for hiding pimples and dark spots and to smoothen your skin.

Mistake 4:

Another mistake that is observed is using such color of foundation that does not match the color of your skin. Suppose you have a dark complexion and you start using light and whitish foundation. You will look like a mime or clown. Apply foundation that is at most similar to the color of your face or try that one which blends with your skin color.

Mistake 5:

The choice of the best lipstick color. Consider the type of event or a party you are going to attend. Parties in open air have different requirements for makeup then those conducted in dim lights. The same shade of lipstick never works for every occasion. The too dark lipstick colors for parties during the day are not suitable because they ruin your natural looks. Avoid using just one color or shade for your lips for all types of events.

Designs - How to do make up which makes you look younger

Every woman wants to look younger and glowing. Along with the balanced diet, makeup is one of the options that can give you an instant younger look. You can eat fruits and vegetables to keep your skin fresh and healthy. But, if you have wrinkles and acne spots on your face, the only thing that can hide them is makeup. Let us see what you can do with your makeup to look younger and fresh.

Use lightweight foundation:

Instead of using powdered base for your face which shows the lines and does not cover the wrinkles you can use liquid foundation which is lightweight and with better coverage on the skin. There is no need to use heavy foundation. The liquid foundation gives smoothness to the face and covers all the deformities naturally.

Use concealer:

To hide pimples, black circles under the eyes and spots on your face it is better to use concealer. The more smooth and balanced your skin is the younger you will look and attract the others.

Avoid powdered blush:

Similar to the powdered bases you should avoid using the blush that is in powdered form. It is also not suitable for the older ladies. Better to use a blush of pink or light red shade that gives a natural glow to your cheeks. Use creamy blush and apply it with your clean fingers.

Use double coats of mascara and curl your eyelashes:

With time your lashes become dull and flattened. Use two coats of mascara on the eyelashes and curl them using a fine curler. Even if you do not curl your lashes several coats of mascara will also give you a younger look.

Use gloss to thicken your lips:

Make your lips thick using lip gloss and extra lining on the lips. This will give you a younger look. Use light shades of lip glosses that give a glowing and shiny look.

Makeup - Is it better to use liquid or powdered foundation?

Wearing loads and loads of foundation will never make you look good. On the other side doing little make over using bases and foundation also not a suitable solution because it will not cover the deformities and even your tan. Then what is the right option? Whether to choose stick as a base,
liquid foundation, powdered base or a creamy base. It is difficult to decide which the best option is. Every woman has different skin color and texture. It all depends on your skin what you should use and what you should avoid while doing your makeup. Let us see the best options for each skin type:

Dry skin:

For dry skin anything with moisturizers and water content is a perfect option. Never use powdered base if you have very dry skin. This will never give you a smooth tone. Use liquid foundation or try dealing with the dryness of your skin and give a smooth and balanced surface before applying makeup.

Oily skin:

Oily skin looks again oily after some time of your face wash. You cannot wash your face and get rid of the oil when you have applied makeup. Using a base that covers up your oily skin fully is absolutely necessary. According to chemists and dermatologists the skin products which are free from oil contents are best for such skin types. Use foundation, either liquid or powdered, depending on your choice which is oil free. The ingredients present in such products absorb the oil from your skin and leave it with a balanced base that looks elegant.

Normal skin:

For normal skin, both powdered and liquid foundations and bases are suitable. The powder absorbs oil if it is present somewhere and never creates linings on the face. Powder also gives a glow with a light tone.

For all these types of skin, liquid or powdered foundation matters a lot. It is also very important to always choose the best color matching products for your skin.

makeup - It is better to treat your skin properly before applying makeup

To achieve makeup which looks like those of the models or your favorite celebrity, your skin must be clear and smooth enough to provide the base for such a makeup. If you want to prepare your skin for a glowing and charming makeup follow these simple ideas.

Clean your skin with a cleanser:

The first step to make your skin perfect for applying makeup is to cleanse it using a good cleanser. Choose cleansers that have no harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. If you have sensitive skin then do not try acidic cleansers or those with alcohol in them. Never use those cleansers that cause redness on the face. This will take more time to clear your skin.

Neat and clear skin gives best glowing makeup results. Dirty skin never absorbs the makeup correctly and it does not show the beauty of your face.

Exfoliation of the skin daily:

The daily removing of the dead cells from your skin proves beneficial when you apply makeup. In most of the cases when you apply makeup on dead cells your skin never looks smooth and elegant and your makeup looks old as if it is from yesterday. It is better to exfoliate your skin using good scrubs that do not harm your skin.

Use serum prior to exfoliate:

Using serum before you remove the dead cells from the skin is the best way to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Vitamins and minerals present in serums are beneficial for the skin and they give best results when you apply them before the makeup.

 Hydration is necessary:

The proper hydration of the skin is necessary to maintain the shine and glow of your skin, makeup looks bad on dry skin. Always hydrate using good moisturizers. Try to apply them by just pressing them to your face. There is no need to rub the moisturizers on your skin. Makeup is easier to apply on hydrated and moisturized skin.

Use primer:

After performing all the steps mentioned above, if your skin still has some unbalanced parts like widened pores or darker spots then use primers. This will smooth your skin and prepare it for applying makeup.

Makeup - Makeup tips for dark women

For every dark to light complexion makeup is here to enhance the natural beauty. Women having dark complexion can use several cosmetics and glowing tips to look elegant. No need to underestimate yourself if you have a dark complexion. Make up can cover any spots dark or light, pimples or acne and give you a beautiful look. Choose the best shades that suit at most with your complexion and you will feel fresh and younger. Here are some tips that add beauty to your skin tone without hiding your natural looks.

Tips for dark women to enhance their natural beauty:

  • The best cosmetics are designed for women with dark complexion. Use foundation with a dark color texture that blends with your skin color. Choose colors that are compatible with darker skin tones. Avoid using light colors for foundation.
  • There is no need to use concealers unless you need to hide some deformities. Use them only if it is required to cover dark circles, pimples and spots on the face. After applying concealer the natural look is maintained by using a powdered dust over it.
  • Undertone is a word used for dark colored women. They also have three types of tones. Cool undertones, warm and neutral undertones. Before choosing eye shades and colors for your makeup it is better to learn which of these three types you are. After understanding your undertone decide the colors of shades that match it.
  • You can use bold shades and colors that can make you more confident and stand out amongst other women. Use shades like gold and silver that prominent your features. Bright colors with dark complexion always look gorgeous.

Makeup - Makeup tips for dry skin

Dry skin is a big problem for a large part of the women all over the world. The skin looks dull and ugly if you have dry spots on your face. If you moisturize it with heavy creams that would give an oily touch. It is advised to use makeup to hide your dry skin. Using liquid foundation and moisturizers on the dry skin is a possible solution. Follow these makeup tips to maintain your dry skin:

  • At first the most important thing is to wash your face. Whether you have dry, normal or oily skin, washing your face removes all types of dirt and particles from your skin. Washing your face before applying make up and after makeup before going to bed is absolutely necessary. The chemicals present in the cosmetics make your skin even drier and you have to cleanse your face to avoid skin damage.
  •  Before applying makeup on the dry skin your face must be clean. Use good moisturizing cleansers that remove dirt from the skin and prepare it for applying makeup. After cleansing your skin apply makeup after 15 to 20 minutes. This will hydrate your skin, you can also use skin moisturizers and hydrating cream before applying makeup.
  • The next step is to apply foundation. Add moisturizer in your foundation. There is no need to add too many drops of moisturizer if you have already used a moisturizer after cleansing or the foundation itself is hydrating. This foundation with moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and smooth without creating dry spots and lines.
  • Concealers are not a suitable option for dry skin. You can hide your pimples, dark spots, acne marks and black spots using lighter concealers which are more creamy.
  • Powdered blushes are also not suitable for dry skin. You can use creamy blushes to give a glow on your cheeks. Apply and blend them using a finger.
  • For dry lips apply Vaseline or gel before applying lipstick.
  • There is no need to apply too much powder and foundation on your skin. This will give an even drier look. Use moisturizing products to enjoy a nicely made makeup.

Makeup - Makeup tips for glowing skin

Healthy and glowing skin is one of the blessings that can make you more beautiful and attractive. Only a few women have naturally glowing skin. Most have dark circles, deformities, acne and other skin problems. They can make their skin glowing by using some treatments and makeup tricks. Some efficient makeup tips can help you get a glowing and shiny skin which is smooth and free from any spots. Let us discuss what these tips are.

Effective makeup tips for glowing skin:

  • Starting your makeup with a primer can solve a lot of problems. It provides a base for the rest of the makeup. If you prefer to use moisturizers than primer you can skip that step. But it offers tremendous benefits for the oily skin, spots and in filling up lines before you further apply any makeup. Also the vitamins present in it are beneficial for your skin health.
  • The next step is to apply a base on the skin. Foundations with moisturizers are best for dry skin. Level up your pores and linings using the liquid foundations. They smoothen your skin and provide a perfectly leveled base.
  • Use concealers to hide spots and all those marks which the foundation and base cannot hide.
  • The following step is to apply powder on the skin to prepare it for the perfect looks. You have two options to choose from. You can choose either loose power which is not long lasting or pressed powder which is long lasting and gives a much better skin glow. Apply the powder over your skin to fill up all the pores.
  • After creating the base you can highlight some areas of your face. You may contour a few areas like the nose and chin. Follow light or dark contouring options depending on how you want your face to look like and glow.
  • A final touch of glow only comes when you use blush of pink color. This will make you look healthier, fresh and younger.

Designs - Best manicure tips to look younger

The good manicure gives your hands a beautiful and younger look. There is no need to go the beauty salon and spend excessive amounts of money on manicure and pedicure. You can perform a good manicure at home yourself. Ask your family members to help you if you cannot handle all things alone. Do a little research about the manicure process and find useful tips. Following tips is
extremely beneficial for those who have little knowledge and experience on how to do manicure.

Tips for beautiful manicure:

  • Before you start your manicure wash your hands with an appropriate for your skin type soap and dry them.
  • If you have grown too long pointed nails cut them. Try to make the shape of the nails through filing. Filing options also vary depending on the shape you want to make.
  • Shape your nails and then file them properly to smooth the edges. Circle, square, v shaped and many other shapes are now used for nail tips.
  • Make sure you have not cut nails from the sides. Sides are there to protect the nails. Only cut tips in various shapes.
  • Keep your cuticles instead of cutting them. Just push them back and moisturize them properly.
  • You can use pencil wrapped in tissue to push back the cuticles if you do not have specific instruments. Always use smooth items to remove or push back the cuticles.
  • Nail polish should be applied in three steps and then you can add some colors on the top coat. Various types of nail polishes are available.
  • The metallic shiny top covers are very topic and add younger looks to the hands. You can use these or try to do some nail art if you want to grab the attraction and impress other people.
  • Use polish removers to clean extra polish outside of the nails and remove smudges.

Designs - Enhance your hands beauty by following manicure tips

The hands are one of the most prominent parts of the body. With the growing age, the skin on the hands shrinks and wrinkles appear. According to surveys and researches people who use nail polish look younger if their hands are taken into account. Maintaining the beauty of your hands is very important to look and feel younger. Manicure is one of the methods to maintain the beauty of the hands. Let us discuss various ways used to enhance the beauty of hands.

  • Before you start your manicure wash your hands with water and rub a few drops of oil to soften the skin and keep it hydrated. Hydrated skin always looks younger. No matter what your age is. Dry skin looks old and wrinkled.
  • Hands beauty is maintained by using healthy ingredients like lemon and rose water. Rinse your hands using a soft brush or scrub to remove the dead skin. This manicure tip should be repeated two to three times a week.
  • Honey is beneficial for all types of diseases and skin treatments. For hands beauty it plays an important role. After washing your hands apply honey mixed with lemon, or honey mixed with olive oil.  Then put cotton gloves on your hands. Wash them again if they feel sticky.
  • Milk can also be used at home for hand treatment. Before starting the manicure dip your hands in warm milk. It will moisturize your skin give healthy nourishment from the nutrients present in the milk.
  • As strange as it sounds helpful are also lemons and potatoes. These are applied on the skin to remove any stains.
  • The good manicure along with the daily skin moisturizing treatments will keep your skin glowing and shiny. It will be healthy and never look old.
  • You can use honey and salt to rinse your hands and remove the dead cells from the skin.

Designs - Five tips to do your manicure within no time

Beauty is not limited to only applying makeup and getting the glowing looks. Healthy facial treatments, manicure, pedicure and eating healthy food are all involved in making you more beautiful. Manicure adds more beauty to the hands in a natural way. Nails are an essential part of the whole appearance of the woman. Here are some good tips that you can follow to perform a fast manicure and get excellent results within few minutes.

  1. The first tip is to use vinegar which removes any greasy material from your nails. Apply white vinegar on your hands and rub it slightly. The clear oil free nails are now ready to apply any further products for nails.

  1. The second tip is to use nail polish remover to remove polish from the nails.  Use a thin brush to remove it. Dip a brush in the polish remover and apply to the sides of each nail gently to cover only the area on the outside of the nails. This enhances the looks of your nails by giving a clear outer cover.

  1. The third tip is about the prolonging of the nail polish stay on your nails. Three coats of polish are generally used by the professional manicurists. They apply a base coat, then polish and then a top coat. After applying these coats you can wrap the tip of the nails with another slight covering of the polish.

  1. The fourth tip that women could use is to make a French nail tip. Use a thin brush to make an elegant line on the tips of your nails. You can also add a little art by drawing a flower or some swirls on the top of the nails.

  1. The last but not least tip is to use oil before you use nail polish removers on the skin. This will keep your skin free from any staining.

Designs - French manicure – simple steps to follow

Among other types of manicures, the French manicure is most often done by women at home. There is no need to waste a lot of money to go to a beauty salon which will charge you a lot for manicure. Instead, try the simple steps of French manicure to look beautiful and attractive. Whether you need to prepare yourself for a party or you are going to attend business meetings the French manicure is a perfect option.

Step 1:
The first step is the preparation for the manicure. This preparation involves having all the necessary things near you. Keep all the essential products, water and instruments near you to start the manicure.
Step 2:
Next step is to begin the manicure by removing all the leftovers of polish that were used in the last manicure. After clearing your nails make the desired shape using a nail cutter and file.
Step 3:
The next step is moisturizing the nails and fingertips. Cuticles may be removed. But most of the professionals recommend not removing the cuticles but pushing them back. The fastest way to soften the cuticles is to dip your fingers in warm water. Then using a special instrument push back the cuticles. After that apply some moisturizing cream. This step is necessary in any French manicure.
Step 4:
French manicure involves using nude shades of nail polish. Apply a base coat and then light pink or nude shades of nail polish. Then apply a line of white or other color nail polish on the tips of your nails. This will make your nails more prominent and beautiful. Girls usually follow this style of using white varnish or polish which looks natural.

At the end make sure no leftovers of nail polish are present on the skin. If found any smudges use cotton buds and nail polish remover to rub them off. Your French manicure is now complete. Enjoy your new fresh look and beautiful hands.

Designs - How to protect your manicure with a few easy steps

Doing your manicure is not enough for removing any age spots or dryness from the skin of your hands and nails. Manicure protection is essentially important and it must be performed well. How to protect your manicure? Does it require a visit to the beauty salon? Here are a few questions that shall be swirling in your mind. To make your manicure long lasting and effective follow these advices to protect your manicure and the healthy look of your hands.

  1. The chipping and peeling of the nail polish becomes a problem a few days after you have done your manicure. You can avoid this by applying another top coat on the polish after a few days. It is better to apply a coat once in a week on the polish.
  2. Chipped nail polish looks ugly on the nails. It also creates a bad impression in front of other people. You should keep your nails in good shape and take immediate actions when the nail polish starts peeling off. Smooth the chipped edges with the help of a nail file and apply polish in these areas.
  3. Manicure is badly damaged when you expose your hands to excess water, washing dishes and clothes. Women should use gloves while doing the housework. This will keep the skin on the hands dry and free from fungal infections that occur due to wet skin.
  4. After taking a shower your nails and hands are soft. Never cut down or file your nails at that time. This affects negatively the structure of the nails and they start splitting and chipping.
  5. When you are doing your manicure and your cuticles are dry then just apply olive oil. This is a very good home ingredient that keeps your cuticles moisturized and the manicure lasts for a longer time.
  6. For protecting the manicure a good tip is “never bite your nails”. This is a bad habit which affects negatively your health.

Designs - How to take care of your nails at home?

Manicure and pedicure are very important for women because they want their hands and feet to look good. They want to look younger even in old ages. You will feel young for a long time if your hands look young. The nails are a core part of your hands. Their beauty and protection is assured while doing manicures. Take care of your hands and nails and feel pretty. Follow these tips which you can do at home for the protection of your nails.
Nail care tips:
  1. The first step is to place all things you need near you. It is not convenient to search for the instruments while doing manicure and pedicure. It is recommended to make a list of things in mind that are required for doing the manicure and keep them with you. For nail care keep the nail polish, polish remover, soaked water, cotton, nail file and cuticle oil with you.
  2. Start with nail care. Remove any nail polish from the areas surrounding the nails. You may have no polish applied on your nails at that certain time. If this is the matter this step will simply be skipped.
  3. Maintaining the health of the nails makes your hands beautiful. Dip your fingers in the sudsy water for a few minutes. This strengthens the nails and regulates their growth process.
  4. The long, rough nails look bad. Their shape must be maintained. Either chose round or square shape, just cut them down in the wanted shape and file them to smooth the edges.
  5. Lemon juice is used to keep your fingers healthy. Dip your hands in lemon juice for 3 to 4 minutes.
  6. Cuticles are there to protect the nails. There is no need to cut them. Instead push them back and apply olive oil to keep them moisturized.
  7. Regular massage on the hands and polishing your nails are the two main steps that you should follow to protect your nails.

Designs - My latest nail salon adventure

Hello all

Just a short and sweet post about mine and Marie's adventure to get our nails done a couple of months ago.

We'd both been going on about how much we wanted our nails done pretty so we did some research and found a salon that was pretty local to us that did the sorts of nails that we wanted.

We found this place in Croydon called White Sands ~

I really wish I took a picture of the salon because it was so pretty! As it was a beauty salon rather than just a nail salon all the decor was really relaxing and it has a white/blue theme.

There were some of the example designs that they has at the salon that included nails with 3D bits, and illustrations

Marie was the first to go up. We both wanted Gyaru inspired nails so we got ours all blinged out.

I was really impressed with how clean the salon was.

The few experiences that I have had at the cheapy nail salons is that the condition which the tools are kept is is pretty meh and they didn't clean the tools well and they'd reused files which you shouldn't do. Also they'd use an electronic file to file your nails with which shouldn't be done as the electronic filers are only supposed to be used on acrylic, not natural nails.

But White Sands was super clean. All the tools the technician needed were sterile and were sitting in pots of disinfectant on the table while she was using them. She was gentle with filing so my nails weren't buffed down too thinly when she was priming my natural nails for the acrylics.

The theme I wanted for my nails was 'girly as fuck' and 'something that will match my clothes' so I opted for these gradient acrylics with embedded heart glitter and some diamante and heart cabochon detail. In total I think my nails took about 1.5 hours

Marie's were a lot more elegant than mine and she got acrylics with pink, black and silver and black and silver diamante designs as well as a crown cabochon on the thumb.

I bloody loved my nails. They got quite a lot of attention especially as work with customers wondering how I could do anything with them.

I could do pretty much everything with them except typing and pressing things which happen to be the two functions that are vital for my jobs so I loved my nails, I found them incredibly frustrating to wear. The nails lasted me for about 2 1/2 weeks before I eventually removed them out of frustration. I was really upset to see them go but they were just too impractical for me to wear!

I have no idea how girls like gyaru Harutamu can do anything with nails as long as she has when with I felt like I was inflicting a disability on myself with having such long nails.

How does she wipe her ass? 
 I will definitely be going back to White Sands in the future but I will make sure to get shorter nails

White Sands Nails & Beauty

60-62, London Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2TB

Tel:  0203 005 183

If you quote my name Emmie Wheeler as a referer you should get a discount
You also get 20% if its your first time there.

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Singer - Gippy Grewal Massi Song Lyrics

Artist: Gippy Grewal

Song: Massi

Movie: Singh vs Kaur

Composed by: Jatinder Shah

Lyrics by: Veet Baljit

Gippy Grewal - Massi Song Lyrics

Oh main keha kithe ai, ve pind massi de gayi c
Ki kardi c, kehndi bhabhi naal payi c (x2)

Tadke ton hi tera ni main phone try kita
Raati neend naa aayi ni tu yaar shudayi kita
Kaahto chakeya ni, ve meri akh lagg gayi c
Oh main keha kithe pind massi de gayi c...

Kithe tur gayi das de ni tu yaar purana chad k
Kehndi mesg. aayi c main e-mail te chad k (x2)

Main keha aauna ni, kal mill k ta gayi c
Oh main keha kithe pind massi de gayi c

Sad song jeha gaana ni main iPhone te laaya
Kehndi main ta raati ve dj te bhangra paya (x2)

Main keha kaas to, kehndi party te gayi c
Oh main keha kithe pind massi de gayi c

Dekhi kidhre beh jaayi na jaayi navey yaraane laake
Tere waala gayi c kehndi suit gulaabi paake
Dekhi kidhre beh jaayi na jaayi navey yaraane laake
Tere waala gayi c kehndi suit gulaabi paake

Oh veet ji gal eh ki kahi c
Oh main keha kithe pind massi de gayi c
Ki kardi c, kehndi bhabi naal payi c

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Designs - Is choosing a salon for manicure and pedicure the best option?

Beauty salons are made for your ease. Working women have no time to spend several hours at home to do their manicure and pedicure. It is much easier to become a member of a beauty salon to get beauty treatments. Manicure and pedicure play a major role in maintaining the skin texture of the hands and feet. Most of the celebrities visit salons daily and their experts make them brilliant.

Few women avoid going to the salons for manicures and pedicures. The high class salons unlike the local salons are good enough to provide clean utensils for all the treatments. Those who want to avoid germs can bring their own products for doing manicure. Women who are looking for artificial nails can bring their own nails purchased from the shop. Avoid using the nails in the salons that have been used by many people.

Although professionals working there are trained and they know how to do manicure in the best way, you should be aware of the skin damages their unclean products can cause.

In most of the salons professionals recommend to keep your own original nails. Professional manicurists will suggest you some tips to maintain the strength and charm of your nails and hands.

Manicurists take extra charge of urgent work. For example you are in hurry and you want to dry your nail polish. You ask them to use a thick coat and fast drying methods. They will charge you a few extra dollars for this fast drying. These fast methods are not healthy and may lead to easy chipping and splitting of your nails. Avoid these methods unless you are in an extreme situation.

At the salons high quality to worst quality materials are used. Some offer best quality but their rates are also high. The cheap salons use low quality products that can only harm your skin. If you do not have enough money to go to a good salon, do not go to a cheaper one. Instead, do your manicure at home.
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