Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Guys Say 'I Love You' Without Actually Saying It

Sometimes they don't say it, but they mean it.

Men are mysterious creatures, at least to us ladies. They can be as effusive as women (ok, sometimes), and other times they clam up. And there is one topic that makes men go into silent mode more than any other. And that subject? Love, of course.

Love makes fools of us all, men and women equally. However, women are more prone to expressing their feelings. It's just how we roll. We like to put it all on the table. Men, on the other hand, will sometimes show their love for you in non-verbal gestures. From the way he kisses you to how intently he listens to his posture (of all crazy things), your man is trying to tell you how much you mean to him without actually saying that precious four-letter little word.

But you don't need to keep on wondering, lost in the dark mire of "What does this mean? What did that mean?" when your man does something that feels significant. As ever, YourTango is here to take care of you.

To that end, here are 15 subtle signs that your fella is demonstrating his love for you, neatly arranged for your convenience. Enjoy, and go spread the love!

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