Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What Kind Of Website/Blog You Should Have

1.Make sure you have a specific clear topic.Google always looking to advertise with
those website that have well defined topic.More specific topic you have more targeted
ads you will thereby increasing your click through rate.

2.You should not have spelling mistakes in your post.

3.Google terms of service states that they do not accept the website that are under construction.To get google adsense your site should look complete

What Kind Of Ads You Get:

It is the best part about google ads.Google read your page title, content etc. and interpret
what each page is about.So the ads that show up on your website are relevant to the topics
of the page.For better understanding you can even check this page.
Two kinds of ads Google adsense for content and for search both are available.

When You will be Paid:

Your account increase as the number of clicks increases.And when once your account
reaches to $100 google sends you a check.And you can even direct deposit them directly
in your account.

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