Saturday, 3 January 2015

Help us test Import and Export

This summer, we launched Import / Export on Blogger in Draft. The feature lets you export all of your posts and comments into a single, Atom-formatted XML file for easy backup. You can then import the posts back into Blogger, either into an existing blog or into a new one.

Over the last few months we've gotten a lot of feedback and made a number of improvements (we now support very large blogs!). We think it's just about ready for prime time.

Please help us out once more by trying Import / Export on Blogger

  • How to use Import / Export (note: You'll need to export your blog before you import it)
  • Report issues with the feature

A couple caveats

  • Currently we only support importing Blogger blogs. We don't yet support importing from WordPress, Typepad, LiveJournal or any other blogging platforms.
  • Before importing a blog for the first time, we recommend that you create a new, throwaway blog to import into so you get a sense for how the process works. Once you’re comfortable, import into your public blog.

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