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Girls Whatsapp Chat Number

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

NEW Hair Styles Look

2015 Hair Styles by Mehndichain Hairstyles play an important role to enhance the beauty and it also reflects the personality of every person. On any event, girls will be concentrated more on Hairs than other things.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

PLC Programming

Programming Languages

A program loaded into PLC systems in machine code, a sequence of binary code numbers to represent the program instructions.
Assembly language based on the use of mnemonics can be used, and a computer program called an assembler is used to translate the mnemonics into machine code.
High level Languages (C, BASIC, etc.) can be used.

Programming DevicesPLC can be reprogrammed through an appropriate programming device:
Programming Console
Hand Programmer

Introduction to Ladder LogicLadder logic uses graphic symbols similar to relay schematic circuit diagrams.
Ladder diagram consists of two vertical lines representing the power rails. Circuits are connected as horizontal lines between these two verticals.

Ladder diagram features Power flows from left to right.
Output on right side can not be connected directly with left side.
Contact can not be placed on the right of output.
Each rung contains one output at least.
Each output can be used only once in the program.
A particular input a/o output can appear in more than one rung of a ladder.
The inputs a/o outputs are all identified by their addresses, the notation used depending on the PLC manufacturer.

Introduction to Statement listStatement list is a programming language using mnemonic abbreviations of Boolean
logic operations. Boolean operations work on combination
of variables that are true or false.
A statement is an instruction or directive for the PLC.
Statement List Operations* Load (LD) instruction.
* And (A) instruction.
* Or (O) instruction.
* Output (=) instruction.
Function Block DiagramsFunction block is represented as a box with the function name written in.

please note:
 LD: load
 O: or
 AN: and not (and a normally closed contact)
 ALD: AND the  first LD with second LD

Happy Promise Day NEw

Top 10 Promise Day 2016 SMS Wishes Quotes Messages Greetings. Here you will get promise day quotes, promise day sms,promise day messages, promise day wishes, promise day greetings. Promise Day is celebrated every year on 11th February in many countries around the world. Promise Day is 5th day of Valentine week. On Promise day couple promise each other to make their relation happy forever. It is the day to express your trust for your loved ones. Therefore gays help make promises within this evening and also undergo those promises and also rejoice your own relationship together with your buffs.

Promise Day SMS Wishes Quotes Messages Greetings

Promise day means Promise your loving one happy promise day and make love relationship more stronger. In this post are some best Happy Promise Day Quotes. you can also get Promise Day Quotes For Girlfriend as well as Promise Day Quotes For Boyfriend.

Happy Promise Day Quotes
#1. Love is a promise spoken by the heart It not written in Book.
#2. Making Promise with you will not leave alone you alone neither today nor tomorrow Happy Promise Day.
#3. Love is heat. You are sweet. When two Lips are meet each other. then Love is complete.
#4. I Promise You That I Blissfully give my life for yours Because you and your life Are more important to me Than myself and mine.
#5. I promise you will regret losing me you will look back and say. ‘Dammn… that guy really did love me.

Happy Promise Day SMS

#1. I want to be the greatest of me,
for this is all i can do.
it is my wish that you promise me this.
you be the greatest of you.
#2. Promise day is special promise to person.
means make promise controller or.
promise driver of promise life because.
all relationship depends on promise transaction.
#3. We met it was Luck!
We Talked it was chance!
We became friends it was destiny!
We R still friends it is faith!
We will always be friends it’s a promise!
On this promise day this is for U.
#4. Love is the happiness of today.
and promise of tomorrow.
so this warm note comes to you.
to say that live life with a heart full of love.
#5. All I wanted was some to care for me.
all I wanted was some who’d be there for me.
all I ever wanted was some who’d be True.
all I ever wanted was some like U.

Promise Day Wishes

On this promise day impress you friends or special one by sending some beautiful happy promise day wishes. Also you can send promise day wishes for girlfriend and promise day wishes for boyfriend.

#1. Speaking Without Egos.
Loving Without Intentions.
Caring Without Expectations.
I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always.
Happy Promise Day My Sweet Love.

#2. I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me.
I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me.
For This Is All I Can Do.
It Is My Wish That You Promise Me This.
You Be The Greatest Of You.
#3. God did not promise days without pain.
laughter without sorrow.
but He promise strength for the day.
comfort for the tears, and light for the way.
#4. Tum Udas Udas Se Lagte Ho.
Koi Tarkib Batao Manane Ki.
Promise Hai Tumse Main Jindgi Girvi Rakh Sakta Hu.
Tum Kimat Batao Muskurane Ki.
#5. This Promise day, I promise you.
that I will be there for you.
Never turn my back on you.
Always love you and keep you like an angle in my life.

Promise Day Messages

The entire week is filled with fun when lovers Promise Day Messages, cards, teddy and chocolates to each other and celebrate the season of love. On this promise day send messages like Promise Day Messages For Boyfriend & Promise Day Messages For Girlfriend to you special one.
#1. Pyaar Me Waada To Bahut Karte Ho.
Par Nibhana Bhul Jate Ho.
Lagaa Ke Aag Dil Me.
Use Bujhaana Bhul Jate Ho.
#2. I Can Not Promise To Solve All Your Problems.
I Can Only Promise.
That I Will Never Let You Face Them Alone.
#3. Her Pal Teri Sochoo Main Gum Rehta Hon.
Din Ho Ya Raat Ho Bass Tujhay Yaad Kerta Hon.
Tu Kya Janey Meri Iss Bebasi Ka Alam.
Tere Bina Mar Mar Ker Jeeta Hoon.
Yaad Kro Wo Apna Promise Yaad Kro.
#4. Do not Promise Me The Moon Or The Stars.
Just Promise Me.
You’ll Stay Under Them With Me.
#5. Ye Promise Hai Humara.
Na Chhodenge Kabhi Saath Tumhara.
Jo Gaye Tum Hume Bhool Kar.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Man from Mysore Creates India’s First Electric Concept Bike Without an Engineering Degree.

An innovative mind should not be judged by the degrees it possesses, and Mysore-based Santosh has proved it. He holds a job at a pharmaceutical company to support his family. But when he is not working, he spends hours on his hobby of creating new motorbikes. He has now unveiled his latest creation, India’s first electric concept bike.

The bike is known as Nisttarkya which translates to ‘unimaginable’. It weighs 40 kg and runs on a 36 V, 350 W. The bike is juiced up by three 36 V rechargeable batteries. Santosh says that he built the bike using parts from old bikes and second-hand equipment.

From the looks of it, the design of the Nisttarkya looks like a slimmer lightcycle from the Tron movies. The rider can direct the bike using the handlebars that are placed on the front wheel. The ride position may appear weird and may also look physically taxing, but Santosh said that being a concept, the design was supposed to be ambitious. He adds that companies can take inspiration from his design and create a more user-friendly design.

It took Santosh about Rs. 60,000 to create the bike while being employeed in a full time job. He has also received mentions in the Limca Book of Records for his previous bike called the Moosshiqk which is the smallest electric bike in the world.

So if you wanted to build a dream bike of your own, but are worried that you don’t have an engineering degree, well then Santosh can be your inspiration. Go ahead and create your own Nisttarkya.

GoSkills Microsoft Office Bundle

The GoSkills Microsoft Office bundle consists of 12 Office e-learning courses that improve your Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Outlook and Project skills.
All 12 courses are suitable for all experience levels and taught by Microsoft MVP instructors.
The bundle includes six Excel courses that take you from beginner to expert, two Microsoft Word courses, and one PowerPoint, Project, Access and Outlook course each.
Here is the full list of courses:
  • Microsoft Excel - Basic
  • Microsoft Excel - Basic & Advanced
  • Microsoft Excel - Advanced
  • Pivot Tables - From Novice to Ninja
  • Microsoft Excel for Mac - Basic
  • Microsoft Excel for Mac - Advanced
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word - Basic
  • Microsoft Word - Advanced
  • Microsoft Project Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Access Basics
  • Microsoft Outlook
You can click through to the GoSkills website for additional details. There you find among other things the curriculum for each course as well as the supported Office versions (from what I can tell, Office 2013 is always supported, while some courses support Office 2016 as well).
Gain the skills to be more efficient with your time, extract crucial information, and deliver impressive presentations. This training covers the essentials of the Microsoft Office Suite in order to give you the knowledge to take your career to new heights. For each of the 12 courses, you’ll take home a certification with the instructor’s nod of approval.
  • Access 12 courses & 97 hours of Microsoft Office training
  • Take 6 Excel courses to go from beginner to expert
  • Use math, statistical, logic & text functions
  • Organize data by sorting & filtering
  • Effectively present your data in several chart formats & more
  • Find a value w/ VLOOKUP
  • Create & format PivotTables
  • Improve your PowerPoint presentations w/ 34 engaging lessons
  • Learn how to use themes, layouts & audio visual components
  • Make professional documents in Microsoft Word
  • Create forms & reports w/ Microsoft Access
  • Manage projects more efficiently w/ Microsoft Project
  • Streamline your correspondence in Microsoft Outlook

Sweden strums its way to ukulele world record

Thousands gathered in Helsingborg, Sweden at the weekend to set a new world record for the largest ukulele ensemble.

On a sunny day in the city, 1,547 keen four-string strummers played along to the popular Swedish song Leende Guldbruna Ă–gon ('Smiling Gold brown Eyes'), made famous by the band Vikingarna.

The day started with musicians and stand-up comedians before the successful attempt kicked off at 6.30 pm.

The record attempt was part of an event organised by ABF, Folkuniversitetet and Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, three educational institutions in Sweden, and took place in the city's main park where people gathered with picnics in the sunshine.

New 20 Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs for girls

Pakistani mehendi is a fusion style of mehendi art which has been developed by incorporating some elements of Indian and Arabic styles. The Red/ Orange henna is generally used in Rajasthani Mehndi, but Pakistani ladies mostly use black Mehendi to make floral and Arabic style leaf patterns on their hands and feet. They use black Mehendi for outline and red mehendi for inner designs.

On important occasions like Nikah or other wedding ceremonies, ladies make beautiful elaborate patterns such as net- work, mesh work, parallel image designs and many more. Some of the common motifs are peacock, paisleys, leaves and flowers.

Here, we have showcased carefully chosen 20 latest Pakistani mehendi designs for you. As the wedding season is just around the corner, these designs will surely come handy to get an idea about Pakistani mehndi designs if you are interested in applying Pakistani mehendi on your hands and feet.

1. Pakistani mehndi designs mostly include elaborate designs on the palm and back of the hands. Beautiful swirls and curls make the mehendi look classy and unique.

2. You can also use other accessories to enhance the beauty of the mehandi designs like crystals and beads to highlight the curls and swirls of mehendi.

3. Mehandi designs is one of the most essential parts of Indian/Pakistani weddings. Beautiful intricate designs look great on every bride’s hands. As mentioned above, the colour of the mehendi can be chosen according to your skin colour. However the red pakistani mehndi is most popular among brides; it looks fabulous along with entire wedding dress and jewellery.

4. This is yet another stunning latest mehndi designs; you can apply it for festivals like Eid, Diwali etc. Stylish Pakistani mehndi designs are applied on hands and feet for every religious functions.

5. This latest Pakistani mehndi design covers palm and fingers; you can also use traditional jewellery to highlight the back of the hand.

6. If you love those intricate designs and patterns, this mehendi design will definitely take your heart away. These intricate and complicated patterns are perfect for Pakistani wedding ceremonies.

7. This Pakistani mehendi design is simple yet pretty, this design is good for those who are learning to apply mehendi and looking for some cool and stylish mehendi designs on their own.

8. Have a look at this beautiful hand decorated with lovely Pakistani mehndi designs. Traditional motifs and patterns are accentuating the beauty of her hands.

9. Below is another elegant and stylish design of Pakistani Mehndi art. The beautiful colour of mehendi and the stones embellishments are giving it a magical touch. Floral patterns on her palm are looking superb.

10. If you believe that simplicity is beautiful; this bridal Pakistani mehandi will surely steal your heart. Bride’s hands and legs are looking so pretty with those floral motifs and simple leaf patterns of mehendi.

Try to stick to a theme when you choose to get mehandi done on both your hands and feet. In this way, both will look similar and not extremely vague and different.

11. This type of latest Pakistani mehendi designs is very popular among young girls. You can easily make these patterns even if you are not a professional mehendi artist.

12. Below is another example of simple Pakistani mehendi design for hands. It looks very stylish and fresh; you can flaunt this mehendi for various wedding functions like sangeet or engagement ceremony.

13. Pakistani bridal mehendi designs can be used to accentuate the beauty of your soft hands and legs. Try these types of mehendi pattern for a unique and elegant look.

14. If you think Pakistani mehendi art is all about intricate and complicated floral motifs and spiral patterns then think again because this mehendi design might prove you wrong! This design is a combination of some easy-to-draw geometrical patterns and floral designs.

15. This is yet another beautiful Pakistani mehendi design which has intricate patterns and traditional designs. The overall look created by all the lines, swirls, floral motifs and patterns make this design elegant and classy.

16. Some Pakistani mehendi designs are not so difficult to draw; you can decorate your hands with this type of designs without any big occasion as well.

17. Pakistani mehendi is not just for hands, there are several types of designs for feet and other parts of body too. Generally the similar kind of patterns and flowers are made in hands and feet both.

18. While making mehendi patterns on feet, the colour of the mehendi should be chosen very cautiously according to your outfit and sandals. For example, red shade of mehendi should be applied on bride’s feet to match her flashy sandals and bright nail paint.

19. Mehendi patterns don’t just beautify your feet, but they can actually be used to decorate the portion slightly above your feet, Traditional anklets on mehendi adorned legs look so stylish and beautiful.

20. This type of Pakistani mehendi can also be applied on special occasions like Karva-chauth, Diwali and Eid. Marwari and Arabic mehendi art has been blended together so well in these designs.

Monday, 8 February 2016

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